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What percentage of your female infertility patients are:


Being treated solely with acupuncture
Being treated solely with herbs
Being treated with acupuncture and herbs

Total Respondents: 79


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Being treated with acupuncture and herbs
Being treated with acupuncture and herbs My practice is roughly 50% infertility. The more I treat, the more invaluable I think Herbs are in the treatment of infertility. Though I think acupuncture has it's place for stress reduction, uterine bloodflow, and most qi deficiencies, herbs can get to the one thing acupuncture generally can't: yin deficiency. I never thought I'd admit that acupuncture can't do it all, but herbs are definitely the secret ingredient to a succesfull infertility treatment, with or without ART.

Steve Mavros, L.Ac.

Being treated with acupuncture and herbs If the patient is not on fertility drugs I always use acupuncture and herbs.
Being treated solely with acupuncture A five needle formula derived from Dr. Giovanni Maciocia's work (see "The Foundations of Chinese Medicine), used twice weekly with electroacupuncture current being run through the Ren Mai; from LU7 to K6 (@ 3 htz.) or the Chong Mai; from SP4 to PC6 (@ 5.5 htz.), and adding CV4 (pointed at the uterus) for a period of 15 minutes.

In my practice, as a DC, I administer this pattern concurrently with intersegmental traction (to stimulate the "Bladder Belts" and decompress the spine, also adjust according to patient's Derifield Analysis following the acupuncture treatment.

Being treated with acupuncture and herbs I also use western herbs, chiropractic manipulation and naturopathic methods.
Being treated with acupuncture and herbs 95% of my case load is fertility: women and men, medically assisted and unassisted. What should be noted is patients undergoing assisted reproductive therapies are under the care of reproductive endocrinologists and MD fertility specialists who recommend acupuncture but do not recommend herbs -- in fact they strongly discourage them because there's no evidence to prove they do what we say they do.
Being treated with acupuncture and herbs I have been finding that patients are most willing to comply with taking herbs BEFORE the become pregnant, whether naturally or through assisted technology. However, after confirmation of pregnancy, many refuse to take herbs because "they don't know what's in them", or their doctors don't approve of substances they don't understand. Of that group, they will usually refuse herbs after the baby is born if they are nursing. I try to educate them, but on a one-by-one basis it takes so much time!
MM Dobson, L.Ac.
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