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When inserting acupuncture needles, do you use a guide tube?



Total Respondents: 313


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No Idonot feel the necessity.
 El referir mayor seguridad en evitar infecciones, es muy relativo, me parece que se busca mas la comodidad que el arte de de saber introducir una aguja.
No Por lo regular al utilizar guia (tubo) se disminuye la certeza del lugar de puncion, al utilizar la distension de piel, con la insercion en dos fases se logra hacer una puntura no dolorosa y con mayor exactitud.
Yes The use of guide tube is important to prevent contamination and infection of the acupuncturist and patient. In state of Rio de Janeiro we have a course of Bio security in Acupuncture and recomend use of chirurgical gloves, guide tube and disposible materials.
Dr. Ricardo Maki
State Programan of Acupuncture Cordinator.
Yes because of sepsis risks I prefer using a tube.
No I wonder if this should be a "Yes or No" question. Most often, I don't use guide tubes, but sometimes I do. Maybe the question should offer percentage of insertions for which one uses a guide tube.
No Sometime I use tube and others is not, Tube is reduce pain and usefull for begineer acupuncturist, but when we have a high skill with needle inserting, tube is not required any more. Practics make perfect.

Yes I use guide tubes often ... about 75% of the time and frequently utilize free hand insertion.

I think making blanket statements about what practitioners "should" do says more about the person making the statement than anything.

While I would agree that skill is a major component of free hand needle comfort ... the individual patient's level of sensitivity is important to consider. Guide tube needling is just easier for some patients to take ... and it is much faster for the practitioner.

I say, don't just vote your conscience but enact your conscience. I am confident that I am doing my best for my patients ... with or without guide tubes.

No No, it's not required by law...ever see a guide tube in China? India? Guide tubes were invented for blind acupuncturists in Japan...they serve no other purpose! Wash your hands, put in the needles!

No About 90% of the time I use free hand insertions. As a long
time practitioner and practitioner of Qigong, I find that I have
much more control over the needling freehand. I also think
that I have better control over manipulating my patient's Qi
without tubes.

That said, each to their own of course.

Although I do tell my students that tubes are for the weak!
Only once a practitioner masters both tube insertions and
freehand insertions can they possibly decide which is better
in which situations.

The idea that tube insertions are less painful is simply
wrong. A masterful freehand insertion is as comfortable if
not more so than a tube insertion.

Yes This is required by law (as I Understand it) in my state, California!
Yes I use the guide tube for guaranteed speed.
No 1.Time consuming
2.Extra work
3.Practice with freehand puncture reduced
No none at this time

Yes 80% with guide tube, 20% freehand
 it depends on who i am needdeling and also what point it is i am using

Yes no matter what methods we use, eliminating insersion needle pain is our common goal.

No what's a guide tube?
Yes I do! UNless it is in the ear, and afew other points like Yintang!
Yes I mostly use guide tube however, on the ear or scalp I use needles without tubes.
Yes OSHA kinda makes it difficult to get away from it.

Yes I do not use tubes for ear needling.

Yes I use thin, Japanese style needles which are hard to insert without a tube. For thicker needles, handling the shaft makes insertion easier, but CNT prohibits touching the shaft.
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