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Acupuncture Today Article Submission Guidelines

Acupuncture Today encourages article submissions addressing any topic related to the art, philosophy and practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Articles should be submitted electronically to , along with a color photograph and curriculum vitae of the author. Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting an article for consideration:

  1. While we endeavor to publish a variety of perspectives in every issue, we also maintain rigid standards with respect to author qualifications. All submissions should include verifiable contact and credential information. Please enclose a current curriculum vitae and/or biography with your article submission, along with a quality color photo/headshot.

  2. All articles submitted to Acupuncture Today must be original works not currently under review or accepted for publication by another journal. Likewise, previously published material will not be considered for publication.

  3. Articles must not be commercial or promotional with respect to products or services. Any such references will be omitted or reworded in general terms. Articles that focus on proprietary techniques or products will not be accepted for publication. We also do not base placement of an article on any scheduled advertising; any instances of ads similar to editorial content are strictly coincidental.

  4. All article submissions that rely on published research or other material that is not the author's own and is not readily known to the reader should be accompanied by complete references. Please check all references to ensure they are accurate and formatted consistently before submitting your article.

  5. Although there is no set length for article submissions, in general, submissions of 6,000 characters with spaces or less are encouraged (approximately 1,000 words). This recommended length is inclusive of references. Longer articles may not be accepted for publication or may need to be published in two or more parts. If you are addressing a topic that requires a great deal of exposition, you may want to submit individual articles (e.g., part 1, part 2, etc.) for consideration.

  6. We prefer Microsoft Word documents in an 11-point Times New Roman font, as it translates best for our graphic design department. If you do not have Word, a simple text file will work, even pasted into the body of an e-mail message.

  7. Whenever possible, avoid imbedding references or images in the text of your article. Doing so complicates the editing process.

  8. If your article contains photos/images/etc., please attach as individual files and provide complete captions. We require quality images for publication. All images should be high resolution, 300 dpi, 450 x 600 pixels or higher, preferably in .jpg or .tif format. If you send images that do not meet these requirements, we will request that you resubmit them.

  9. All submissions are reviewed within 4-6 weeks of receipt. An editorial panel reviews all articles. You will receive notification in writing (e-mail or regular mail) as to whether we are interested in publishing your article. The editorial panel considers various factors in determining if an article should be accepted for publication, including: the topic of the article, its relevancy to the naturopathic profession and our readership, the qualifications of the author to speak on that topic, the overall readability of the article; the uniqueness of the topic with respect to recently published articles and/or content already scheduled for publication; and space restrictions. Your article may appear in print or in the online-only section of

  10. If an article is accepted for publication, a standard "Assignment of Copyright" form will be sent to you. It must be signed and returned before we can publish your work. This copyright form ensures that you have not published your work elsewhere, and allows your work to be published not only in the print edition of Acupuncture Today, but also online at Moreover, this copyright form allows your article to be distributed to content sharing engines such as United Press International and others. It also allows MPAmedia, the publisher of Acupuncture Today, the opportunity to publish your work in any of its sister publications, if the content merits such cross-publication.

    If you wish to reprint the article in another format subsequent to publication, the article must include acknowledgement that it appeared originally in Acupuncture Today. This also protects you from those who would attempt to use your article illegally.

  11. Acupuncture Today, like most publications, has a backlog of articles waiting to be published. As a result, a newly accepted article may not appear in print immediately. Exceptions to this include articles based on time-sensitive content. We cannot tell you specifically in which issue your article will appear, only that we intend to publish it as soon as possible. In general, articles are published within 3-5 months of acceptance.
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