Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture Today and

What is Acupuncture Today?

Acupuncture Today is a monthly newspaper delivered to members of the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession. The first issue of Acupuncture Today was published in January 2000; it now has a readership of approximately 20,000 acupuncturists, doctors of Oriental medicine, acupuncture students and suppliers.

The goal of Acupuncture Today is to serve as an open forum for the profession. Each issue contains national and regional news stories; reviews of the latest research; debates and opinion pieces on issues relevant to the profession; and clinical articles from some of the most respected names in the acupuncture and Oriental medicine arena.

What's the difference between Acupuncture Today and is the online version of Acupuncture Today. In addition to containing every article that has ever appeared in Acupuncture Today, contains some features not seen in the print publication, including an online poll, the AT Suppliers Expo (an online exhibit hall), an "Ask an Acupuncturist" forum, and several sections that provide information for consumers and others interested in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

How long has been in existence? has been online since April 2000. As of December 2005, the site contains more than 2,500 individual pages of information; that number is expected to continue to grow significantly.

How often is updated?

Different sections of are updated at different times. The front page of the site is updated twice a month, while the Acupuncture Poll, Archives and Graphs sections are updated monthly. The Online-Only News section and other sections are updated periodically, depending on the amount and quality of information we receive.

How do I navigate

The top and left-hand sides of each page of contains toolbars to help guide you to each section of the site. In addition, the top toolbar contains a "Site Map" link, which provides descriptions of each section. The left-hand toolbar also contains a search function so that you can locate a particular article.

How many people work at isn't run by just one person. It takes dozens of people working in a variety of fields (Editorial, Advertising, Marketing, Production, Graphics, Multimedia and Reader Services) to keep the print and online versions of Acupuncture Today running. If you would like to meet the staff and see each department's responsibilities, visit the "Meet the Staff" link located near the Online Traffic Report at the top of this page.

Where do you get your information for stories and articles?

Most of the information we receive comes from state and/or national acupuncture and Oriental medicine organizations. Other news items are sent to Acupuncture Today from academic institutions and individual practitioners. In addition, our Editorial department scans the Internet each day for stories and items of interest to the Oriental medicine profession.

Do all of the articles published in Acupuncture Today appear on the website?

Yes. Every article that has appeared in Acupuncture Today is available for viewing on In addition, some articles are published in the Online-Only News section and are exclusive to

How do I find a particular story on your website?

There are several ways to locate an article. The easiest way to find an article is to conduct a search on's search engine. To use the search engine, type in a particular keyword or phrase (i.e., "herbs" or "auricular acupuncture") and click the "Go" button. You'll receive a list of articles containing those phrases or keywords.

If you know the article you're looking for was written by one of Acupuncture Today's columnists, you can visit the Columnists section and click on that particular columnist's name or photograph. Each columnist index contains a list of each article that person has written, as well as the month in which the article was published.

If the article concerns a particular topic, such as back pain, herbal medicine or nausea, click on one of the subjects listed under "Selected Articles from Acupuncture Today" at the bottom of the site's home page. Each section contains links to articles on that topic, as well as the month in which the article was published.

Finally, the Previous Issues section divides articles by each issue. Each issue, in turn, contains an index listing the articles that appeared in print that month.

Okay, I've found the story I want. Can I print it? Is there any charge?

You are welcome to print any article found on and share it with your friends, patients or colleagues. All articles are available for print free of charge. However, you may not sell any articles that appear on, and you may not submit an article that appeared online to another journal or website for publication.

How do I register for the Discussion Forums?

To register for the Discussion Forum, click the Discussion Forum button and follow the directions provided on those pages. As with most online discussion forums, you will be asked to select a username and provide a valid e-mail address so that your password can be sent to you electronically. If you have any questions about the registration process, please click here or contact the webmaster for more information.

I'm a little concerned about providing you with any personal information such as my e-mail address. What is your privacy policy like? does not share, sell, rent, or trade e-mail related information with anyone. For a more complete explanation of what does with the information it receives, see our privacy policy.

How does the AT Suppliers Expo operate?

The AT Suppliers Expo is a sort of online exhibit hall. Its function is to provide a place for exhibitors to disseminate information on their products and services to acupuncturists, acupuncture students and others interested in the profession. It also allows providers the chance to receive free samples, find out about special sales or discounts on certain items, and learn more about a particular product or company. Most of the companies listed in the Suppliers Expo provide website links and/or e-mail address so that you can contact them directly if you have a specific question.

Visitors to the Suppliers Expo can browse theses virtual exhibit booths in two ways: either by the name of the supplier, or by a particular category. If a product or company isn't listed, you can also use the Suppliers Expo search engine.

What is the Acupuncture Poll?

The Acupuncture Poll is one of's most popular features. Each month, a new question is posted pertaining to some aspect of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. In addition to casting a vote, acupuncturists may also voice their opinion by entering a comment while they vote. At the end of the month, those results are tabulated and then published in print and online. The results of every Acupuncture Poll ever conducted are available for viewing at the Acupuncture Poll section.

I'd really like to know more about acupuncture, but I'd like to speak with a trained professional about it. Can you help me?

You're in luck.'s "Ask an Acupuncturist" forum is administered by a group of licensed acupuncturists interested in answering general, non-specific questions about acupuncture and Oriental medicine. To visit the forum, click on the "Ask an Acupuncturist" button at the top of the page

Please note, however, that while you may post any question you wish, the posted answers to those questions should not be misconstrued as a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment recommendation. The posted answers do not in any way constitute the practice of acupuncture or any other health care profession. Visitors are encouraged (and expected) to consult their own health care provider regarding their specific case or condition. Neither nor the licensed acupuncturists who answer visitor questions will be held liable for any action taken by a visitor in response to a question.

My association isn't listed on the Links page. Who should I contact?

If your acupuncture/Oriental medicine association isn't listed online, please contact's webmaster. Make sure to provide the full name of the association and the complete address of the website.

My school isn't listed on the Acupuncture Schools page. Who should I contact? includes listings and links to every acupuncture school that is either accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, or is a candidate for ACAOM accreditation. If your school is not listed, or if your school's listing contains inaccurate or outdated information, please contact's webmaster.

I'd like to submit an article for publication. Who should I contact?

If you would like to submit an article, please send it to managing editor, Acupuncture Today. You may send your articles via mail (P.O. Box 28990, Santa Ana, CA 92799); fax (714-850-0153); or e-mail. Prospective authors are highly encouraged to send their articles via e-mail. Prospective authors are also encouraged to visit the Author Guidelines section for more details on how to submit an article.

I found an error on your website and would like to report it. Who should I contact?

If you would like to report an error, contact's webmaster.

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