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Acupuncture Today – January, 2002, Vol. 03, Issue 01

How to Say It, Part II: Welcome to the Office

By Kevin McNamee

How you say something is just as important to what you say. This applies to both the spoken and written word. When communicating with your patients, staff and other business professionals, the content of your message and the package you place it in - the words you use - can either make or break your practice.

Every time you communicate with someone, you are saying something about yourself. Therefore, when writing a "welcome to the office" letter to a new patient, it is an opportunity to say something about yourself, your practice, and the person you are sending the letter to. This carries with it a marketing message that may enhance your practice with future referrals.

A "welcome to the office" letter is most appreciated and has maximum impact when it is sent promptly. Always send it as soon as possible, preferably the same day the patient was seen in your office.

Welcome to the Office Letter

When you receive a new patient, welcome that individual to your office and the exciting possibilities it has for both of you. Remember: this patient could have gone to another practitioner but decided to see you for care. This person is risking something very special to them - their body. Be very grateful the person selected you and your office.

When writing the letter, say how glad you are to have the patient join your practice. Examples you can use include "It is a pleasure to welcome you to my office," "It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to my practice," "It is a pleasure to welcome you as a new patient" or "We want to welcome you to the practice."

Express your gratitude, but also educate your new patient about the unique features of your practice. Using the book Words That Sell by Richard Bayon may come in handy here. The book offers hundreds of words that will help you accomplish your goal. I recommend you use at least 10% of these words in the content of the letter. Examples include "I appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in our practice and the unique care we provide," "I look forward to providing you with the best natural healing has to offer" or "Using the personal treatment plan we discussed, I look forward to reaching your therapeutic goals."

Close the letter with a sentence that is forward-looking in nature, such as "I will see you at the next appointment to continue with the treatment plan" or "Until our next appointment, feel free to contact me or my office with any questions."

Here's what a sample "welcome to the office" letter may look like:

Dear (insert salutation and patient's name here):

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to my practice. The trust and confidence you have placed in our unique healing is most appreciated. I look forward to our next appointment together.


(Sign your name here)

Please place some sample welcome letters above the desk or store them in the computer. This allows for easy reference when writing these letters.

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