Acupuncture Today – June, 2003, Vol. 04, Issue 06

Allergy Relief Systems

By Heidi Hawkins, MAc, LAc

Allergy relief systems (ARS) is a systematic, energy-medicine approach to allergies. This approach is geared towards practitioners who already know and practice traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as acupuncturists who have completed all of, or a majority of, a full course of study at a TCM school.

Treatment is geared towards clients with any kind of allergy, even if it does not show up on Western medical allergy tests. Any kind of allergy can be treated with ARS, be it subtle or life-threatening.

Many people with allergies seek out "alternative" medicine when they find that pharmaceutical interventions don't help, or that the side-effects aren't worth it, or because they are philosophically opposed to Western allopathic approaches to illness. Often, such people turn to naturopathic doctors (NDs) or acupuncturists for relief. In many instances, some help can be had from both naturopathy and acupuncture, if the practitioner is skilled. However, it is important for those who have allergies, as well as those who treat them, to understand that allergies are extremely complex and difficult to treat. This is why people without medical training, or with very little training or experience, should use a great deal of caution when treating people with allergies, or refer to a practitioner with more skill and experience.

Allergies are peculiarly vulnerable to becoming worse if treated without proper skill, training and knowledge. Unfortunately, even among medical experts of a variety of disciplines, few have this level of expertise. To truly understand the depths of allergies, one must be trained in spiritual, emotional, and psychic/unconscious aspects of healing, beyond the physical or superficial levels. To understand the unseen requires a kind of training rarely found in the Western world, but more akin to the discipline of martial arts training in the East. To treat allergies effectively, and to treat them at the deepest root of the problem, requires the mastery level of a black belt in medicine. Treating superficially will bring only short-term benefits, if any.

Though much can be accomplished by avoiding toxic or allergenic substances, improving one's diet and lifestyle, and healing via natural means, none of these things will treat allergies at their deepest root. Symptoms may be reduced, or clear up altogether through healthy healing choices - even superficial healing - but the problem of allergies is a deep one. Thorough, complete resolution of the source of allergies is an esoteric problem, to say the least.

Allergies are a symptom on the macro level of a world out of balance, and a people in need of collectively taking the next evolutionary step. We live in a world of free will and choice: As individuals, we can choose to evolve (or not). Collectively, we must evolve, or we will self-destruct, as our environment can attest. To evolve does not require physical changes so much as a shift in consciousness. No practitioner of any modality can help others shift and evolve their consciousness until the practitioner has done so him or herself.

Ancient wisdom and guidance to evolve one's own consciousness has always existed, and has been elucidated in many traditions around the globe. As with any path, it is best to have a good teacher. Good teachers, however, are very difficult to find; good healers, even more so. Good books are easier to find, but can only take you so far.

ARS bridges the more tangible healing methods of acupuncture and other TCM tools, and the intangible healing methods of medical qigong. ARS is basically a new form of medical qigong, or TCM energy healing. It is non-invasive, gentle and painless. It is also the most effective, deepest healing method I have ever encountered for healing allergies directly. Though there are very few ARS practitioners, any properly trained acupuncturist can learn if he or she so desires. It is much easier to learn than other forms of medical qigong. A practitioner who learns and practices ARS will find that the method helps both practitioner and client. In this way, medicine evolves with the people, and helps the people to evolve. Is there any alternative?

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