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Acupuncture Today – March, 2004, Vol. 05, Issue 03

What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff

Now that you've made the decision to become a licensed acupuncturist, and invested significant amounts of time and money in your education, the perfect place to practice, staffing, etc., what's your next step? Where can you go to find information on the latest products, continuing education programs, and other goods and services to help grow your practice?

"What Are My Choices?" is here to answer those questions.

What Are My Choices? is a periodic column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts - the companies themselves. This issue's column focuses on companies that offer needles and related devices - all important components of a successful acupuncture and Oriental medical practice.

Acu-International Supplies, Inc.: Acu-International Supplies, Inc., has been supplying quality acupuncture products internationally since 1978.

Acu-International equips the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, The Center for Asian Healing Arts, The American Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and numerous other prestigious academic Institutes throughout the world. Thousands of private practitioners globally rely on Acu-International Supplies' stellar reputation and outstanding customer service. Tel: 888-322-8468; e-mail: ; Web:

Acu-Market: Tel: 866-440-7703; Web:

Acutonics®: Acutonics® Custom Calibrated Tuning Forks are applied directly to acupuncture points, with high transformational impact on the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Tuned to the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and planets these tuning forks are space grade, precisions calibrated, and color coded for ease of use. Acutonics has been successfully integrated into acupuncture clinics around the country, for the past decade. Check our website for upcoming classes. Tel: 505-587-2689; e-mail: ; Web:

Asiamed Professional, L.P.: For more than 15 years, Asiamed has been manufacturing high quality acupuncture needles in Germany. Comparative research proves their needles to be exceptional, and the feedback from the acupuncture community has been tremendous. Now, for the first time, the s-needles are available in the United States. Combining innovative, technologically advanced products with an experienced customer service team, Asiamed has established itself as a leader in the acupuncture field.

Products include: acupuncture needles, laser devices, moxa products, electro-therapy equipment, and treatment supplies. Tel: 866 728-9023; e-mail: ; Web:

Auromere Ayurvedic Imports: Supplies premier quality Ayurvedic massage oil, lotion, rejuvenating mud-bath and other bodycare products to Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and holistic practitioners. All Auromere products are produced according to the ancient medical science of Ayurveda from India and are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. More than just natural, Auromere products are therapeutically effective and garner a loyal customer base. Tel: 800-735-4691; Web:

CAI Industries: Tel: 800-234-8583; Web:

Carbo Trading: Tel: 800-370-9077; Web: I Ching Acupuncture Center: Tel: 626-852-0688; Web:

Lhasa OMS, Inc.: Acupuncture and alternative healthcare medical supplies. Since 1980, Lhasa OMS has been providing the highest quality alternative medical products. Products include: SEIRIN painless, DBC, Tai-Chi, Hwa-To, and Hua-Xia acupuncture needles, acu-pellets, bio-magnetics, TENS, electro-therapy, point locators, heat therapy, bio-magnetic supports, bio-magnetic jewelry, massage, homeopathy, physical therapy, and chiropractic supplies. Tel: 800-722-8775; e-mail: ; Web:

Lifewave Products: Tel: 770-831-0908; Web:

Microcurrent Research: Microcurrent Research (MRI) has pioneered development of highly versatile pain and rehabilitation therapy devices for holistic health professionals since 1988. MRI's technology utilizes unique combinations of microcurrent, milliamp and interferential currents for optimal patient response and carry-over of results. Treatment currents are administered through pads for large joints and probes for specific point therapies. MRI devices offer user-friendly preset treatment menus for quick and easy operation, and extensive personal training and support come standard.

Products include: Acutron Mentor, AcuLogic software Tel: 800-872-6789; e-mail: ; Web:

MNP Acupuncture Supplies: Tel: 213-487-1777; Web: Pantheon Research: Tel: 888-332-3523; Web: Seiren America: Tel: 800-337-9338; Web:

STCM: The world famous Wuji brand acu-needle was found by Dr.Guoji Gong, who created the metal tube handle acu-needle which enable to be inserted without finger holding, thereby insuring clean needle operation. The Wuji acu-needle is made of surgical stainless steel without silicon cording to eliminate skin irritation or allergic reaction. The Wuji acu-needle is the only needle sterilized In the USA under FDA guidelines. Now the Wuji acu-needle is being used across the globe, include the WHO Acupuncture Cooperation Center of China. Tel: 800-228-9854.

Thorne Sales and Distribution: Tel: 866-222-2999; Web:

United Pacific Manufacturing: Tel: 800-790-4888; Web:

If your company offers products or services to the acupuncture/Oriental medicine profession and you would like to be listed in "What Are My Choices," please contact Acupuncture Today at 1-800-324-7758.

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