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Acupuncture Today – May, 2004, Vol. 05, Issue 05

Why the New Design?

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h)

When you picked up this issue of Acupuncture Today, you probably rubbed your eyes and asked yourself: Why the new design?

The changes actually came about after reviewing the results of an online reader survey that we announced in Acupuncture Today last year, and conducted at the end of 2003.

If you were one of the many who completed that online survey, you have our sincere thanks. Starting with this issue, you will begin to see many enhancements to the publication based on your feedback.

Please know that whenever we conduct a survey, we take the results very seriously. When you take the time to speak to us, via fax, e-mail or telephone, we take the time to listen.

There are actually a number of reasons for the new design, one of the main reasons of which is readability. As you can see, the new design allows us to list every article in each issue of AT on the front page. This means that you can easily scan the entire issue from the front page and move directly to the specific news, columnists and features you're interested in reading. The new design also includes different type fonts that make the newspaper easier to read.

As you review the first column directory (on the left side of the front page of the print version), you will notice that we are now focused on six areas of information:

Clinical Acupuncture
Practice Management
Art & Philosophy
Featured Items

These topics are foundational to the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession, and will be the focus of every issue. Each of these topics has its own theme color, making it easier to identify the articles you want to read the most.

The second reason for the new design is to integrate the printed presentation of Acupuncture Today articles with the online presentation, i.e., to better integrate AT with We are in the process of designing a highly sophisticated, dynamic online database structure that will ultimately allow our readers to follow news and information according to multiple criteria. This will make the hundreds of articles already on much more accessible according to your needs and interests.

The new design also includes a move toward our being able to publish the articles you want to read. In response to the reader survey results, you will see more articles on those topics you most want to read about, and less of those you don't. All topics have been ranked according to the survey results; this ranking helps determine how many articles on each topic are published each year. Another survey will be conducted at the end of 2004 to verify our initial results and make any necessary adjustments for 2005.

Because of the vast amount of information that comes through our office every day, it has become virtually impossible to publish every article that should published in print. Several months ago, we began to address this situation by publishing certain articles and news items "online only" on the front page of To improve matters further, we have established a permanent online-only section, which you can access at Titles of online-only articles will now be included in a highlighted box on the left-hand side of the front page of the printed version of Acupuncture Today, and new articles will be added on a continual basis.

Finally, we are attempting to add more articles to each issue of Acupuncture Today. This is in response to your request for more concise articles. By making the articles more concise, you can read more articles on more topics in the same amount of time you spend now. This provides you with more useful information, while respecting the limited time you have to read the publication.

Acupuncture Today will continue to strive for excellence in all areas. More improvements are on the horizon for, using the latest technology to provide you (and the tens of thousands of other monthly visitors) with the best experience possible. Please accept our open invitation for suggestions on how we can continue to enhance the best publication (and Web site) in the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession.

Have a suggestion on how we can improve Acupuncture Today and Send your comments to and let us know what you think.

Donald M. Petersen Jr. is the editor/publisher of Acupuncture Today, the profession's most widely circulated and read publication. While not an acupuncturist himself, his goal is to operate Acupuncture Today and its website, including the popular digital edition of the publication, as effective tools stimulating growth and communication within the AOM profession. Don is also the president of MPA Media, parent company of AT, which also publishes the most widely circulated / read chiropractic trade publication (Dynamic Chiropractic) and provides a variety of other services to the professions, including educational webinars, patient health and wellness e-newsletters, and more.

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