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February, 2006, Vol. 07, Issue 02
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A New Modality for the Conscious Healer: An Interview with Terry Tipton, Part One

By Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, LAc, Dipl. Ac., MS, MM

Facial acupuncture embraces the language of body/mind/spirit. The face, due to the interplay of its sophisticated musculature, is the most expressive part of the human body hence its delicate terrain is particularly sensitive to the effect of negative emotional states.

As we now live in a society characterized by a state of hypervigilance, in which an individual's safety and security are constantly in question, it is increasingly the case that psychospiritual issues might manifest in the course of treatment. At these moments, the possibility of personal transformation arises...a silence between the spaces, where ego patterns may temporarily relax their grip on the soul, offering it an opportunity to emerge into more complete consciousness.

Recently, out of my own experience, both in private practice and in teaching seminars and symposiums, I have witnessed these depths of emotional upheaval occur in treatments; old wounds surfacing, provoking a new state of spiritual inquiry, with a longing for a compassionate divine connection.

This is why I have asked Terry L. Tipton, medical intuitive, to illuminate the larger spiritual context of the healing paradigm offered by facial acupuncture and related modalities, in order to provide a necessary incentive for both practitioner and patient to surrender themselves to the moment of healing transformation. I personally have experienced Terry to be a practical, precise, insightful, generous and joyful healer, and can attest to the profound impact her healing gifts have had upon myself and others. (Editor's note: A biography of Ms. Tipton is included at the end of this article.)

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield (MEW): Terry, you have spoken to me about the necessity for consciousness in the healing arena. Would you please tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be, as you term it, an "intuitive creator"?

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Terry L. Tipton (TLT): I would say the phrase intuitive creator best describes who I am. I believe my entire life has been guided through the process of intuition. As early as the age of seven, I can remember having a sense of what was "going on" with people before they knew it, as well as with me. I was always fascinated with mysticism, the heavens, if you will, and I had an extreme consciousness around being. It was as if every choice I made mattered. I was an avid daydreamer who constantly saw amazing colors, especially around people when I was in that state of being. It was as if the rainbow followed me. My mother was always sick, and instead of making play my priority, I felt it was important for me to tend to her, although I was just a child. I also took on some of my mother's ailments and more, consequently becoming quite ill by the age of 21. I was on 13 different medications, not including the 6-8 antihistamines a day I took, as I suffered from asthma, ulcerative colitis, bursitis, crippling arthritis, lupus, eczema, etc. I was told there was no cure for Crohn's disease, and was given a death sentence for colon cancer, which the doctor said would occur by the time I was 40 years old, because my colon was so ulcerated. While other young people my age were drinking and going to parties, my drink of preference seemed to be the barium cocktail. Other than drugs, I was told there was nothing else they could do for me, so I was referred to a psychiatrist.

All the women on my mother's side passed over in their 50s. My sister, who was a year older than me, passed over at the age of 37. I was not looking forward to a healthy, long life on this plane. That is when I took my life into my own creative hands and re-patterned my thinking in the direction of a creative path for healing through lifestyle change and self-directed healing. Within a month, I felt like I had never felt in my entire life, which was healthy. The chi flowed throughout my body for the first time that I could remember. I had never known that sensation. I became drug-free, and all of the crippling symptoms dissipated.

As a child, I had had a strong resonance with being a doctor. "Physician, heal thyself" drummed throughout my head during my healing crisis. I knew the meta-physician in me had the answers. The patient in me had become the healer, the intuitive creator. It was the process of listening to the quiet voice within, which became louder and louder, that guided me along my healing path. Whatever I needed next, and whenever I needed it, showed up. This built within me incredible trust of my higher self, my intuition, and the respect of the innate intelligence of my body to spring back - without the interference of drugs or surgery. Most of all, I developed a strong trust and belief in the support of the universal source beyond what I/we know, higher intelligence. I was given answers to questions no one else could answer for me, personally. Later it was revealed to me that what I had been practicing was vibrational medicine. Vibrational medicine is the only medicine I take in now, and it has allowed me to source myself. This has led me to living a life in harmony and balance with natural universal laws to the best of my ability at any given time. This process surged in me like a tsunami, and gave me the gift to help others to tap into the rhythm of life consciously and teach people to create health and an easier life through their intuitive creator.

MEW: What is an intuitive creator?

TLT: As we evolve more and more into the light of the higher stream of consciousness, the intuitive creator emerges. As we move in the direction of self-development, we cease giving power to the tools we create. We honor and pay homage to the master of the tools, the soul. Whether these tools are vibrational instruments, toning through voice, healing techniques, etc., it is the intuitive creator that brings forth a higher frequency that heals. No matter what healing modality one favors (acupuncture, bio-field therapeutics, massage, reiki, chiropractic care, naturopathy, homeopathy, etc.), the source of healing comes from the one. The one source is the source of all creation that we have direct connection to on a soul level. What is that source, the energy of infinite wisdom? Who are we in relationship to the source, and which part of us does it connect to? Why do we connect to external forces that derail us from our true nature? What is necessary to tap into source? Is there a direct creative path to source to heal and be healed? The answer to these questions comes from knowing exactly who the intuitive creator is and her connection to divine intelligence, the one source.

The intuitive creator is divine inspiration, and a spiritual and human communication channel, directly linked to the divine. The IC knows how to source from the ultimate, divine source. The IC does not rely on the brain and/or the human mind for supreme intelligence. She relies on higher intelligence. Higher intelligence can only be accessed from the creative mind in the right hemisphere, where the feminine energy resides. The American Heritage Dictionary defines higher as "superior; being at a height above." "Intelligence" is defined as "the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge," whereas "divine" is described as "sacred, having the nature of or being a deity, being in the service or worship of a deity, godlike." To know we are of the divine mind of higher intelligence, endowed with superior powers, is an awesome responsibility to embrace. It is equally empowering. We are of higher essence! It behooves us to be in service to self as a god-like universal being. The constitution of such requires great effort from our human counterpart. If in balance, the human being will raise their frequency to meet such a vibrational force to rise above the human experience. It is only through this divine universal mind that we can achieve great things and remain intact at a vibratory rate that supports wholeness and takes us beyond the fourth dimension, the earth plane.

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