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March, 2006, Vol. 07, Issue 03
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A New Modality for the Conscious Healer: An Interview with Terry Tipton, Part Two

By Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, LAc, Dipl. Ac., MS, MM

The following is a continuation of my interview with medical intuitive Terry L. Tipton. For those of you who are interested, the first part of our interview appeared in the February issue of Acupuncture Today.

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield (MEW): Who is the intuitive creator, and what is her purpose?

Terry L.

Tipton (TLT): She is the feminine aspect of the divine, although she can be of male or female origin. The intuitive creator has "the ability or power to create, characterized by or productive of new things, the innovative, inventive or ingenious." The intuition the intuitive creator possesses gives her an edge in knowing. Intuition is described as the act of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes. It is through this perceptive insight that she can dwell in the sacred and know what to create to bring healing and light to her true patient, the healing healer. The IC provides insight, real knowledge and wisdom to the potential healer. This helps to raise the consciousness in her world. In her divine wisdom, love completes all things and brings understanding and healing to where pain resides.

MEW: Where does the intuitive creator reside?

TLT: The IC dwells in a sacred space accessed through higher intelligence. She creates out of higher essence "all that there is." She resides in each and every one of us that professes our gift in spirit, our gift in knowing. That gift affords us the opportunity to not only facilitate the healing process for others but for ourselves also. We cannot heal completely and in wholeness if we do not embrace the intuitive channel. It is the path of least resistance -- the path of the sacred and the knowing. Creative energy is best used to solicit solutions versus focusing on the challenges. By teaching the patient to visualize, you will help them to develop their creative mind through this positive channel. Visualize seeing it and believing that it is so. The old adage, "I'll believe it when I see it," is an old negative program that hold us in bondage to limited thinking. We have surpassed the old patriarchal society that promotes disease consciousness by strictly relying on modern medicine as a means to health.

Modern medicine, for the most part, focuses on disease. If we want to promote health, we need to think health, not disease. "What you think about, you speak about, what you speak about you bring about." The intuitive creator imagines the health needed to progress to the next step in the higher intelligence revolution. All thoughts are transported. When your thoughts align with higher intelligence, healing is precipitated. When you see yourself as an intuitive creative healer, the patient will heal creatively. As each IC healer thinks as a creator and acts responsibly for such creation, then they will support the foundation that has been laid to promote and generate wellness. As creators we must dig deep into the stream of the higher consciousness that prevails.

We can no longer afford to give our minds and hearts over to the mind of limited mortal intelligence. It is time to lift our heads out of the muddy rivers we have been swimming in. It is time to lift our heads higher and higher to a place of all knowingness. This requires us moving out of the head and into the heart, where truth resides. Remember, "heart knows truth;" it feels real emotions. Carlos Santana said, "The greatest investment we can make is in our feelings." His statement is a far cry from what we have been brainwashed into believing by a patriarchal society stemming from the left hemisphere that either covered over emotions, or invalidated the existence of the intuitive by alienating it. Your feelings/emotions reside in the emotional body, the guidance system, an essential part of our being. These "feelings" send us a signal to be aware of what is affecting us in the body, whether negative or positive. The body acts as the last messenger, emitting messages to help create what is necessary for good health. Such a force requires action. When positive direction is taken, this action moves us in the direction of balance. The central nervous system lends tremendous support to this process when it flows freely and is nourished. When we allow our emotional guidance system to act as a barometer between us and universal intelligence, we are then able to embrace inner truth. This simple act will raise your vibrational frequency to meet the divine within. If we do not take the opportunity to open the channel of cosmic communication through the process of intuition, then how will we know? Who will teach us, if we do not lean upon the understanding of the supreme intelligence?

MEW: What would you suggest as a practical means by which one might contact the intuitive creator?

TLT: Meditation is a great forum through which to meet higher intelligence and to maintain focus. Being still and quiet is the key ingredient to hearing the inner voice of the supreme. Bombarding your mind with intellectual jargon interferes with your connection. Teach the patient the art of self-empowerment. While lying on the table, the patient can be encouraged to quiet his or her mind with this simple meditative process.

Time may not allow you to work through the process with each patient, so you might share a copy of this. If you possess other simple meditations, they will work as well. For the initial process, take the time to explain to the patient the benefits of connecting. Meditation can be done in conjunction with the treatment each time to enhance the healing process. It also will help make them responsible for their connection to the healing energy. This joint effort will expedite the healing process and make "the work" easier for the facilitator. You will find that quality becomes more valuable than quantity. You spend less time with the patient and have more impact, because the patient assumes responsibility for his/her healing. (Editor's note: see "A Simple Meditation" below.)

MEW: Why do you think this process is so important for the patient?

TLT: It can help them to understand negative thinking promotes discomfort/disease, communicating such to the cells, whereas positive thinking promotes and provokes healthy cells. Creative energy should be used to promote health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You can choose to be a powerful, abundant, life-giving creator or a destructive, life-sapping being. Your cells will get the message, whether negative or positive. We must first stop the negative programming and start fueling our system with the positive feedback it thrives on. Live foods, nature, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, positive thoughts, beauty, etc., help us to rejuvenate and rebuild cells, thus allowing us to hold the vibrational frequency of higher essence.

MEW: Can you share with us any final insights regarding this intuitive process?

TLT: We create our own world ... when we take on this type of belief system, it helps us to appreciate that we make ourselves sick; therefore, we have the ability to make ourselves well. Remember ... "Nothing can be created until it is imagined."

The intuitive creator is the seed of the ancient one of "all that there is," and therefore has the capacity to be the ultimate healer.

It is out of the experience of spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience, that we tap into the source that provides. If we would only believe that everything we touch is of our own creation, we would be less inclined to depend on external forces to save us. We will be more inclined to focus on the direct connection to the cosmos in its splendor to receive all knowingness to thrive and to heal. Meditate to focus, focus to listen, listen to learn and learn to know. To know is "all that there is."


  1. Definitions of divine, intuition, creative, higher and intelligence taken from the American Heritage Dictionary. All other quotes acknowledged within.

A Simple Meditation

Music that is relaxing can be used to distract the racing mind. Remember, sound is another form of vibrational medicine. After the music is in place, suggest that the patient find a comfortable position and follow this simple relaxation/healing technique.

  • Take three deep breaths, in through the nose and out the mouth.
  • Count down from 10 to one, suggesting with each breath that you are sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation.
  • Relax each part of the body, starting at the feet and moving up to the head.
  • Create a mental picture in which you are happy, healthy and whole in your comfort zone, whether it is in the mountains, rocking on a porch, beach, etc., -- wherever your happy safe zone is.
  • After you are safe and happy, program yourself from negative to positive thinking.
  • Ask your patients to focus on health and imagine themselves freed up from disease to do whatever makes them complete and happy.
  • Count up from one to five (after the process is complete) and suggest that your cells will now take on the new positive programming to restore and build health.

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