January 10, 2005

Update on the Honduras Healing Recovery Project: Acupuncture Medical Brigade Tsunami Report

By Maria Dolores Diaz

We would like to inform our professional community, colleagues and friends that the Acupuncture Healing Recovery Project (AHRP), formerly known as the Honduras Healing Recovery Project (HHRP), has been reactivated to go work with the tsunami survivors of Southeast Asia.

Currently, the plans are to go to Sri Lanka and work with the local medical workers, health practitioners and teach in the same manner that we operated in Honduras after it had been devastated by a natural disaster.

Based on our past experience, we know that one of the important factors to consider in going to a place is the timing of our visit; we are planning to be there about eight months from now (approximately September 2005). We shall also be treating the affected populations by dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our efforts consist of providing techniques that can enhance their skills and that they can continue to utilize after we leave.

The skills we teach the populations and practitioners of Southeast Asia will enhance their own expertise. The training, provided over a two-week period, involves supervising such personnel while they treat people from early morning into the evening hours. Based on our past experience, this modality reaches a high volume of people.

Our own team is composed mostly of acupuncturists who have been practicing for the last 15 to 20 years. Almost all are NADA-certified or NADA trainers, and all have teaching experience. The team is made up of Anna Osuna, Della Estrada, Rusty Klobas, Pamela Brady, Julia Raneri, David Krofcheck, Mario Gallardo, and myself. We are very fortunate that AVANTA will continue to be the nonprofit organization that will be administering the funds. Hugh Gratz, MSW, from that organization will be with us to present the model, as was done on our first trip to Honduras, which was very healing to the medical personnel . We also have an emergency nurse (NADA-trained) who will do triage.

We will be giving you further updates on this project as we get more information on the health conditions that we will be encountering. Our team is working very hard in considering as many factors as possible to work harmoniously and be extremely sensitive to the cultural mores and traditions. At this time we would very much like to ask for your moral support, but above all we gratefully accept your contributions. Contributions can be sent to the following address:

2104 SW 152nd Street, #2
Seattle, WA 98166-2064

Thank you very much.


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