May 26, 2005

An Open Letter on the State of Acupuncture in Kentucky

By Mimi Tagher, LAc
Dear Readers of Acupuncture Today:

I am writing on behalf of the Kentucky State Acupuncture Association (KSAA). I recently described our situation in Kentucky at a banquet for Congressman Maurice Hinchey, and again at the President's Council meeting at the AOM Alliance National Convention in May.

For those of you who were not able to attend, I will briefly summarize it for you now, in the hopes that you will support our cause. As you know, any and all contributions will help and are greatly appreciated.

There is currently a written law in the state of Kentucky which states that the practice of acupuncture is illegal unless performed by a medical doctor. A small group of us (8-10 acupuncturists) have been working diligently to try and have that law changed. We have formed a legal organization, the KSAA, and are currently working with an attorney/lobbyist who is willing to help us. We have a good bill, which has a very good chance of passing in the next legislature. We have enlisted the help of a representative, the head of the Occupations and Licensing Committee, who will call up the bill and is sure he can get it passed in the House. We are currently working to find more support in the Senate, and have some definite prospects.

We have gained the support of the AAOM and the AOM Alliance for legal advice and help with lobbying, but have not yet received any financial assistance. We would very much like to pre-file our proposed bill, and have it open for discussion from now through the next legislative session. To do this, we need a total of $10,000 to $15,000 to pay our attorney. He is allowing us to make payments, but is requiring us to sign a contract for the full amount, plus all additional costs and phone calls. We are a small group, and most of us are licensed in other states, paying dues and making contributions to two or three other state organizations. We are willing to dig deeper into our own pockets, enlist the help of our patients, do more fundraising, and work as hard as it takes to get this bill passed -- but we are still coming up short financially.

I am hoping you can give us some financial support so that we can proceed with the bill for the next session. Now is the time: public support is growing, we have some legislative assistance, and acupuncture is in the news almost every day. Please let me know if you would like any other information. I can be reached by phone at (859) 466-4900, or by e-mail at .

I would greatly appreciate any support you would be able to give our organization. Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

Please make checks payable to KSAA and forward to me at:

Mimi Tagher, LAc
11763 Dixie Highway
Walton, KY 41094


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