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Acupuncture Today – January, 2007, Vol. 08, Issue 01

Acupuncture and the Seven Hermetic Laws

By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the Seven Hermetic Laws that have been recognized throughout human history as a basis of energetic healing and magical practices, and to give practical examples of their remarkably effective applications for acupuncturists.

Taking a bit of time to read and consider the timeless truths contained in these laws might help integrate many of your varied, seemingly contradictory aspects of learning and expand your healing abilities.

The Hermetic Laws originated in ancient Egypt or earlier, and are attributed to the god-man Thoth (pronounced "Toth"). The Hermetic Laws are a major basis for the Kaballa Tree of Life and most other metaphysical teachings throughout the ages. A brief survey of the Seven Hermetic Laws will quickly reveal that they also explain the basis for all forms of vibrational healing, including many aspects of Chinese medicine and modern quantum physics. Reflecting on these laws is likely to help expand your understanding of how acupuncture works and can help point the way to improved clinical outcomes. Let's now briefly examine each of the laws, with some examples of application to acupuncture and vibrational healing.

1. The Law of Consciousness

The Universe is made of the Mind. The pure consciousness within each of us makes up the world and everything that is in it.

The afflictions our patients bring to us originate in their consciousness, and the consciousness of groups they are part of. This is as true for "tennis elbow" as it is for major depression. While some think this principle puts a burden of "blame and shame" upon people with sickness or chronic pain, in reality, this is a most liberating principle, as it affirms the unlimited healing power that lies within each of us. Another way of expressing this is that no one is a victim; we all are creators of our own experience through what we think and believe. In that light, we as practitioners have the opportunity to teach our patients to take charge of their own lives and destinies, claiming their innate power to create positive outcomes.

In my experience, this form of coaching and positive "cheerleading" for my patients is at least as important as the techniques I apply. Acupuncture, microcurrent and color light therapies, applied with positive intention, have the ability to help patients free their minds by shifting and reframing their viewpoints.

2. The Law of Correspondence

As above, so below. As below, so above.

We exist on many levels simultaneously, from the most dense and gross (physical), to the most subtle (Spirit). Injuries to the physical body can create ongoing interference in the subtle energy bodies, and create stored, self-perpetuating memories of trauma. Held negative impressions on the subtle energy level also can precipitate in the physical as disease and pain. In fact, such interferences actually can attract accidents and other traumatic events to people through the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Correspondence is summarized in the acupuncture classic the Nei Jing, paraphrased as follows (assume a vice-versa after each statement): "For diseases of the upper body, treat the lower body. For diseases of the right, treat the left. For diseases of the front, treat the back. For diseases of the inner, treat the outer." This law clearly is manifested through two acupuncture methods - microsystems and great loops distal acupoints. Few schools or seminars, however, teach the underlying energetic principles that make these techniques work.

Microsystems are holographic representations of the entire body projected in a single body part. Most acupuncturists are familiar with and clinically utilize microsystems, which commonly are treated in areas as diverse as the ear, hand, foot, face, abdomen and gastocnemius muscle. Stimulating an appropriate microsystem point can cause a healing or pain-relieving reaction in the corresponding part of the body. One of the most powerful and effective clinical applications of the Law of Correspondence I have experienced is treatment of great loops and reverse body image (RBI) points. These are based on the principles mentioned above in the Nei Jing passage. Microcurrent stimulation through polarized probes is an ideal way to perform these treatments.

Here are photos of the "As Above, So Below" correspondence of the major joints of the body:

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The principle of great loops treatment is simply for pain on or around a joint; go to the corresponding joint on the opposite quadrant of the body and palpate for very tender points. When treated, these distal points likely will be highly effective for relieving pain in the symptomatic area. By treating the left knee for pain in the right elbow, for example, we are fulfilling two of the above statements from the Nei Jing - "For diseases of the right, treat the left. For diseases of the upper body, treat the lower body."

As Above, So Below also can be applied to points on the trunk of the body. For example, the spine is holographically represented on the front of the body, upside down:

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

I treat these trunk points with microcurrent by placing the (+) probe on the symptomatic painful area, and the (-) probe on corresponding RBI points. Details of techniques for treating through the great loops and RBIs is covered in my previous article in Acupuncture Today.

3. The Law of Vibration

Nothing rests; everything moves in rhythm with its own vibration.

If we were to see past the view of senses, we would see that the only thing really going on in the universe is interacting vibrational fields! The Law of Vibration is the basis for all electrical, magnetic, light and sound therapies, which act through vibratory resonance. Our bodies are composed of physical parts, as well as an intricate web of interacting energy fields. Each of these has a fundamental vibratory rate, or frequency. We can influence any aspect of the body-mind by introducing a frequency that is in resonance with that part. This influence can be positive or negative, depending on the frequency applied.

Frequencies can be applied directly on the body, or even long-distance, through subtle energy communication channels. The most famous injunction of the Hippocratic Oath is "First, do no harm." I believe this is based on the recognition of the tremendous power of the Law of Resonance, which can be used to heal or hurt people. Examples of harmful use are voodoo or black magic, in which fearful or disharmonious frequencies are directed into a person.

Each color of light, musical tone or pulsed electrical signal has a particular frequency and wavelength. Properly selected frequencies can have profound healing effects by balancing dysfunction or restoring the healthy, native frequency to an aspect of the body-mind. For example, inflamed arthritic joints have an excess of red energy. Applying cooling blue, green or turquoise light to those joints can balance the excess red and reduce inflammation. Insomnia due to overactive thinking often is due to an excess of yellow in the head, heart or solar plexus. Applying violet, the complementary color to yellow, to the brow or solar plexus chakras can balance this condition and promote sleep and mental peace.

4. The Law of Polarity

All things are dual; everything contains its opposite.

An understanding of this law should keep us humble, for anything we think we know is only halftrue! Each truth contains its opposite as an integral part, as is clearly depicted in the Chinese yin-yang symbol. It's good to always be open to perspectives other than what we already think we know about patient treatment. Chinese medicine recognizes this principle of paradox, as does physics, through Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle: "The more precisely a particle's position is known, the less precisely its momentum can be known." Another way of saying this is that the act of measuring anything changes it. Any diagnostic procedure can only yield an approximate truth. For this reason, it's vital for practitioners to develop their intuitive abilities and not rely only on seemingly objective measurements.

Microcurrent electroacupuncture techniques include powerful clinical methods based on the Law of Polarity, as does the use of needles with ion-pumping cords. When proper electrode polarity is applied to a great loop treatment as described above, the effectiveness is greatly amplified. For example, in the hip-shoulder photo, a positive (anodal) probe is applied to the symptomatic shoulder, while a negative (cathodal) probe is applied to a tender point on the opposite hip. This technique removes excess electrical energy, which is associated with pain, in the shoulder while augmenting electrical charge in the distal hip joint. It's a well-known principle of acupuncture that strong stimulation of distal points often is effective for pain control.

5. The Law of Rhythm

Everything flows out and in; all things rise and fall.

This law is well-recognized in the classics of Chinese medicine, which counsel us to have lifestyles and choices of herbs and acupuncture points in tune with the seasons and times of day. The so-called Chinese clock, which charts the circadian rhythms of the flow of qi through the meridian systems and organs, is a clear example of this law. The Law of Rhythm also helps explain the progression of illnesses through energetic layers. Many herbal prescriptions are based on recognition of the stage of illness, such as taiyang shoulder aches or shaoyang fevers and chills.

It is important to recognize at what stage a patient is in their cycle of healing. While most are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are ready to heal, there are many who still require more of the learning they are deriving from their pain. For this reason, they might not be ready to let it go, even after receiving a series of well-chosen treatments. Before I treat pain patients, I often ask them, in a somewhat humorous tone of voice, if they are ready to let their pain go. It's interesting to observe their reaction to this question!

6. The Law of Gender

Gender is in everything. Everything has a masculine and feminine aspect.

We all have masculine and feminine aspects, regardless of the gender of our bodies. The left side of the brain and right side of the body are considered masculine. The right brain and left body are more feminine. In attempting to understand the root causes of injury and illness, it's helpful to consider this principle. When a patient with chronic hip or back pain presents with right leg longer than the left, he might be overemphasizing his outgoing, linear, goal-oriented aspect (male) and starving his receptive, flowing and intuitive aspect (female). On the other hand, a female worker with chronic carpal tunnel syndrome affecting the right arm might have not claimed enough of her outgoing, assertive energies (male) to maintain sufficient circulation and strength in that limb.

Electronic meridian testing (EMT) is a diagnostic tool that allows practitioners to accurately measure levels of electrical conductivity in meridian/organs, revealing excess and deficient conditions. I frequently see left-right imbalances in patients with chronic pain when doing EMT tests. A useful method for balancing these is to select bilateral back shu points that relate to the meridians showing left-right imbalances. Apply negative (-) probe stimulation to the shu point on the weaker side of the body, and the (+) probe to the shu point on the stronger side. Treat about 20-30 seconds per set of shu points at 75 µA. This technique can be applied to several organs.

Another valuable application of the Law of Gender is in the healing process itself. An effective healer must draw from both their masculine and feminine resources. The male side can gather clinical data, synthesize it to arrive at a diagnosis and carry out a treatment plan. The female side's intuitive insight and compassionate energetic response are required to see through the paradoxes of the patient's presentation and provide a nurturing field that supports actual healing and transformation. If you ever feel you would like to be a more effective healer, please consider this principle.

7. The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything happens in cycles. For every effect there is a cause; for every cause there is an effect. Chance is a name for the law not recognized.

This last statement is very powerful. As mentioned in the first law, no condition our patients come to us with is an accident or due to "bad luck." Each uncomfortable symptom is a consequence of Universal Law. It is an effect triggered by a specific cause or constellation of causes (even if we can't understand it). This principle is sometimes known as Karma. In many cases, it's not necessary to know the cause of a complaint, as many can be well-resolved through symptomatic treatments. Other, more ingrained imbalances might require more of a constitutional approach, with less focus on the symptoms.

For an increasing number of modern patients, even an accurate constitutional approach might not completely fill their need. The intensifying energy fields around the earth are bringing more deep causative factors to the surface for clearing, and these often manifest through pain, illness and depression (all associated with resistance to what is). The majority of clients I have seen over the past year have required aspects of root healing to help resolve their complaints. This has involved helping them consciously reconnect and transform underlying emotions or unrecognized internal contracts from the past. Once they are willing and trusting enough to make this conscious connection without self-judgment, the old energetic pattern can be cleared and released. Many seemingly miraculous healings take place after such a release. These are not really miracles, but simply manifestations of the Law of Consciousness.

Color light treatment through the chakra system (PNE balancing) is one of the most effective tools I have found for facilitating people in this type of self-connection. Such treatment can help them expand their consciousness to make it easier to recognize and release the psycho-emotional patterns underlying their complaints. Of course, they must be accepting of self-responsibility and willing to step into a renewed life. As mentioned above, not all patients will do this, as they still might be very involved in the lessons of their disease and not ready to let it go.

To the extent we are successful in assisting our patients, we already are working in harmony with aspects of these seven laws. It's very empowering to consciously understand them, as many of the most effective treatment methods are based directly upon application of one or more of the laws. Such understanding elevates our patients and ourselves to more of a causal level, in effect helping us directly access the "main switchboard" of our bodies and consciousness, thus promoting true healing and spiritual unfoldment.

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