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Acupuncture Today – July, 2010, Vol. 11, Issue 07 >> Chronic / Acute Conditions

Questions about Microcurrent, Chronic Pain and Depression

By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc

Q: Why is it that many patients with pain don't respond to skilled treatments?

A: The body is a very sensitive electrical entity that operates in accordance with the subtle energy fields of the earth.

Pain is a cry for help when physical, energetic or emotional blockages are restricting the flow of energy and blood circulation. For most patients, acupuncture, energy stimulation, exercise and bodywork can promote better circulation of qi and blood to relieve pain and help them to feel better. When patients do not respond it is usually due to a combination of lack of proper diagnosis and therapy and deep life lessons that have not been completed yet.

The art of diagnosis is to look for causative factors that may be hiding behind the loud voice of distressing symptoms. Traditional Chinese medical diagnostic methods such as pulse, abdominal and tongue evaluations are very helpful for this purpose. In most cases, these point to imbalanced organs and vital substances, and recommended treatment regimens. But when skilled diagnosis and treatments do not yield satisfactory results, energy medical methods may work better.

These include treatments to restore proper polarization of the body's energy fields or to apply resonant frequencies of microcurrent, sound or wavelengths of light that feed dysfunctional aspects of the body-mind entity. I have found that such methods often work when the effectiveness of TCM runs out. This is probably because it is a more direct and precise way to balance the body than traditional methods.

Q: How do microcurrent and light work to relieve pain?

A: Through resonance effects. If you can resonate with something you can affect it, thereby helping to release blockages. This is where application of effective microcurrent frequencies and colors of light are so valuable.

Through supplementing weak, deficient areas by adding an outside source of gentle energy that is easily acceptable to the body. The test that an energy source is acceptable is that measured resistance of the body is reduced.

It works through restoring the normal polarization of the body's energy fields. Several research studies have confirmed that severe pain and disease conditions are often associated with polarity reversals in the body.

Through very rapid dispersion of blockages. When cells output more energy than the fascia (including the meridian system) can circulate, excess energy and heat build up, triggering acute or chronic pain. If left unresolved, this can coalesce into masses and tumors. Good microcurrent and light techniques can almost instantaneously move the stuck energy into circulation, thus relieving pain and inflammation very quickly.

Q: How does microcurrent and light work to accelerate healing?

A: Research has shown that ATP production is increased 400% or more and amino acid replication is boosted when currents below 1 mA are applied to injured skin. Both of these support regeneration and healing. There are also many subtle, less measurable ways that resonant energy stimulation promotes healing. These probably include promotion of neuropeptide activity and enhancing information systems in the body through internal light transmissions.

Q: How can you help heal depression and other psycho-emotional issues with these therapies?

A: Depression is based in stuckness in persistent negative thought patterns that are reinforced by external situations. Acupuncture points are gateways into the mind-body control panels within. TCM teaches that each major organ houses an aspect of the spiritual essence of the person. Shen resides in the heart, hun in the liver, yi in the spleen, shen in the kidneys and po in the lungs. The cry of the body-mind for color is often called "Color Hunger." Many people act out through addictive and compulsive behaviors in an attempt to satisfy this inner hunger. Organs and their associated chakras respond strongly to application of certain colors of light, which can feed this color hunger and help a person feel clearer and more integrated. Color therapies are most powerful when applied through well-chosen acupuncture points.

Depression can be relieved through a combination of unblocking a person's energy fields, thus promoting greater feelings of ease and flow; feeding color hunger through acupuncture points that directly feed the organs and chakras; and facilitating receptivity to shifts and then using that opening to help the patient reprogram negative thought patterns.

Q: How can the chakras be treated with these methods?

A: The first step is to use evaluation methods to determine the one or two chakras that are most imbalanced, and then test which colors feed the color hunger of those centers most effectively. These tests are best done with kinesiology and dowsing. Once these are determined, apply the color (often with polarized microcurrent) over the chakra while guiding the patient to verbalize positive affirmations and appropriate subconscious reprogramming statements. This system, called PNE balancing, has been described in a previous article.

Q: How can I apply these methods in my practice? I'm not a psychologist.

A: When treating patients with severe depression, post-traumatic stress or other psychological conditions, there is the strong possibility of emotional releases and periods of instability. If you are not trained to handle these, it is best to work in close association with a trained psychotherapist. The majority of patients coming to you with moderate depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder or trauma can be effectively treated and supported by skilled and caring acupuncturists and allied health professionals. The key to success is sincerity, using effective methods and maintaining clear boundaries between patient and practitioner. The PNE system is well suited for this purpose.

Q: What is soul healing and how does it relate to relieving pain and helping heal these emotional issues?

A: The soul is the spiritual essence of a person that holds experiences, impressions and knowledge beyond that of the personality and body. When good diagnosis and well-chosen therapies do not afford significant improvements for patients, and when painful issues recur over and over again, it is likely that healing is needed on the soul level. There are acupuncture points that directly affect this level, such as the upper kidney meridian points. Yet the most important factors are awareness, love and clear intention to access the soul and to enlist the soul's assistance in the healing process. Please see my previous article on this subject for more information on soul healing. Soul-healing and PNE therapies are very effective adjuncts to acupuncture therapies for chronic pain, depression, trauma and other psycho-emotional disorders.

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