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Microcurrent–Light Lymph Drainage for Physical and Emotional Healing

By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc

The lymphatic system is the defense network and waterway of the body, and is a primary route for cleansing and detoxifying our blood, kidneys and liver. The lymphatic system defends the body from foreign invasion by disease causing agents such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

The lymphatic system consists macroscopically of: the bone marrow, spleen, thymus gland, lymph nodes, tonsils, appendix, and a few other organs.

It also contains a network of vessels that assists in circulating body fluids. These vessels transport excess fluids away from interstitial spaces in body tissue and returns it to the bloodstream. Lymphatic vessels prevent the back flow of the lymph fluid. They have specialized organs called lymph nodes that filter out destroyed microorganisms.

When the organs of elimination – the liver, kidney and intestines – are healthy, the lymphatic system is usually able to do its job well. When these organs become burdened and toxic due to unresolved negative emotions, poor diet, inactivity or other such factors, the lymphatic system can become stagnant. The waters of life are no longer flowing freely. This is a major predisposing factor to chronic pain – physical or emotional.

points for the upper extremity of lymphage drainage - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Figure 1 showing points for the upper extremity of lymphage drainage. According to Peter Mandel, the founder of the Colorpuncture system, the lymphatic system is also the "psychic buffer" between the conscious and subconscious minds. Stagnant lymph can allow negative and fearful programs in the subconscious to become manifested as chronic pain and disease. This reminds of the Michael Crichton novel "The Sphere," in which scientists investigating an alien craft at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean start experiencing various horrific events as their inner fears and fantasies start coming true and manifesting physically. Turns out that using technology to remove their "psychic buffer" was the alien's way to cause them to kill each other off!

Reinhold Voll, the German pioneer of microcurrent electro-acupuncture taught that many cases of challenging chronic pain cannot be resolved without mobilizing stagnation in the lymphatic system. He discovered a new meridian on the body to address lymphatic healing (see below).

Treatment of imbalances of the kidneys and liver, from a Western or TCM perspective, often requires lymphatic drainage to be fully effective. Kidney "deficiency" - a commonly seen TCM syndrome, may be due to stagnation, i.e., excess in the lymphatic system. That is why moderate detoxification and drainage may actually raise the qi of the kidneys.

Both microcurrent and color light therapies have been shown effective in helping mobilize stagnant lymphatic function. Yellow is the primary color indicated for promoting drainage of the lymphatic system. Red is used on some points to add dynamic Kidney Yang energy to system, while green is used to balance liver function.

This therapy must be used with caution. Clients with chronic health pain and disease and those with strong emotional repression or control can only tolerate gradual opening of their psychic buffer. Start with only a few points per treatment and gradually increase in subsequent sessions.

It is essential that all patients undergoing lymphatic treatment increase their pure water intake, and take a good liquid mineral supplement. Meridian and chakra balancing is highly recommended as an adjunct.

Microcurrent Settings: According to EAV, 2.5 Hz clears edema and varicosities, and 9.2 Hz is effective for supporting kidney elimination. 13 Hz resonates with the lymphatic system. These frequencies may be used with lymphatic drainage. The indicated points may be treated at these frequencies bilaterally @ 50 – 100 µA, adding indicated color light simultaneously to improve results and help address the emotional level as well. Treat for about 30 seconds per set of points.

acu-points for lymphatic drainage - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Figure 2 showing range of acu-points for lymphatic drainage. One of Voll's great contributions was to map out meridians unrecognized by Chinese Medicine that he used for both electro-diagnosis and treatment. One of the most important new meridians was that of the lymphatic system. Here are the points on the upper extremity (chart).

The Voll Lymph vessel also has a point on the front of the neck that also influences lymphatic drainage when used with yellow light and microcurrent stimulation. This can be treated with other local acu-points as shown in the next diagram. For patients with sluggish Kidney Yang or excessive fear, the posterior points shown can augment lymphatic drainage, mostly treated with Red or Scarlet light and microcurrent.

These microcurrent and color light lymphatic treatments can be excellent adjunctive therapy for the following needs:

  • Chronic pain patients
  • Facial and whole body rejuvenation
  • Weight loss programs
  • Patients dealing with depression or anxiety
  • Some cases of cancer (do not use any pad electrode treatments for cancer patients)

Again, it is vital that patients undergoing lymphatic therapies drink sufficient pure water throughout the process to allow the body to drain off discharged toxins. You need to let them know that there could be temporary uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headaches or revival of past symptoms through the Law of Cure. This is a principle from homeopathy that states that the healing process of some diseases could cause the patient to temporarily experience symptoms of past diseases in the reverse order in which they originally manifested. This is considered a good sign of deep resolution.

Appropriate Chinese herbal therapy and homeopathic drainage remedies can help minimize these uncomfortable symptoms and speed recovery. The use of simultaneous microcurrent and color light is a very effective means to treat the lymphatic system, as it addresses both the physical and emotional underpinnings of the patient's issues together. This is very appropriate for treating the lymphatic system because it is both a drainage system for the body's tissues and its psychic buffer.

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