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Starting Anew

By Stanley Greenfield, RHU

This is a new day, a new year and a new beginning. That is how you should look at things. It is like starting over but with all the wisdom you have gained from all the mistakes you have made so far. Put all your cares behind you and just look forward to a new day. How does that sound? Based on what is going on all around you it should sound pretty good. You can do this if you really put your mind to it and just keep repeating to yourself, "It is a new day, a new year and a new me".

Since you are "beginning anew," you need some starting point. Why not start by reviewing what got you into this mess to begin with? To do that, you need to get all of your "stuff" together and see what's worth salvaging and what needs to go. You could start by asking yourself, "Was it really worth buying in the first place?" If you hesitate in answering that, it is time to chalk it up to experience, take your losses and move on. You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing this dog turn into a winner.

After the blood bath is over, it is time to set some goals and decide what you want, not what some salesperson wants. Do you want to have cash available when you need it? How about a retirement fund that benefits you, not all your employees that you wish were ex-employees? Speaking of that, how about really deciding which employees you really need and letting the rest go?

There are some other items you need to tackle. Insurance? Yep a big item for which you spend big bucks. Are you getting the best you can get? Do you have the coverage you need? Are you wasting money on coverage that you don't need? Do you really know what you have and why you have it? Does your agent understand what you need and made sure that you have the best money can buy? I am asking questions for which you need answers. You are spending possibly thousands of dollars every year for insurance and if you don't even know how to answer any of these questions, you need to get answers.

Is your bank still making more on your money than you are? Are you still paying more in fees and charges that they are paying you in interest? Is that what you really want? It is time to change this and start a business relationship with a bank that will treat you like a good customer.

Are your financial advisors really advising you, or just living off you? Like the bank, are they making more on your money than you do? This also needs to change right now.

The new you needs to move to the top of your financial food chain. Everyone else seems to be getting a full meal and you are surviving on what's left. That is not a healthy diet. It is time to start treating yourself better than you treat everyone else on your payroll. No more leftovers for you. You have to remember that if you are not the lead dog, your view of life never changes! You need a change of scenery.

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