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February, 2002, Vol. 03, Issue 02
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Allergy Treatment

By Heidi Hawkins, MAc, LAc

A number of energy-based treatments are effective at treating allergies. These include allergy relief systems (ARS); Nambudripad's allergy elimination technique (NAET); Tapas acupressure technique (TAT); thought field therapy (TFT); Jaffe-Mellor technique (JMT); and Bio-SET.

There may be others I am not aware of. These treatments have in common the fact that they are relatively new in the medical field, and all use some aspects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as acupressure. They also all require some kind of medical feedback or medical divination technique. (More on medical divination can be found in a previous article on The most common method for feedback or divination is muscle testing. The primary notion behind using such a technique is to get information about a person's health that is more accurate than the practitioner's educated guess. The educated guess is still the norm in all forms of medicine. These "new" allergy treatments are an exception to this rule.

There is a reason why these newfangled techniques have sprung up in recent years, and why they all incorporate TCM as well as feedback or divination techniques. Certainly the common use of steroidal medications to treat allergy symptoms by allopathic medicine is part of what drives people to seek less culturally-enforced treatment methods, but even common TCM and naturopathic approaches to allergies are only marginally successful. Allergies are traditionally very tricky, and one false move on the part of the practitioner can have very serious consequences. If treating allergies without medical feedback or subtle energy medicine constructs were very successful, these new methods would not have gained such notoriety in such a short period of time, and there would not be such a propagation of alternatives to what is already considered alternative medicine.

Even something as old and traditional as TCM has always had its trends. TCM is adaptable, flexible and inclusive, which is part of why I personally feel such a passion for this medicine. There are reasons why the old methods of treating allergy don't work very well. They lack the subtlety and accuracy needed for the future of world medicine; for the future of humanity.

In a world where the only thing that is certain is change, it is a time of great change for humanity. More and more people are hearing their own personal wake-up call. It is time for humans to evolve. I personally believe the Divine has created us with the capacity to grow and change, the capacity to evolve. I fail to see why a belief in the Divine and a belief in evolution must be viewed as mutually opposed. But that's another article!

As humans evolve, we need less heavy-handed treatment, and more refined, highly accurate, gentler methods. Evolution is a personal matter, and it is a little bit different for each person. What is heavy-handed for one person is perfect subtlety for another. Evolution is also, of course, a collective process.

In TCM terms, evolution is ruled by the liver. Your liver has the blueprints for your evolutionary process, which you are probably well-engaged in by now whether or not you are consciously aware of this. The exception would be if you're planning on dying soon. If this is the case, you may be putting your energy elsewhere and waiting until you are no longer embodied to evolve. Bodies are dense and slow at times, and evolution may be less complicated without one. Those of us who plan to stick it out, however, are here for just that experience: evolving while embodied.

A question which arises, then, is how many of us are truly sick? Are practitioners treating the sick, or merely helping people to grow and change? Are you sick, or are you engaged in radical change? Are you evolving, or are you dying? Nobody decides for you.

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