Acupuncture Today – April, 2017, Vol. 18, Issue 04 >> General Acupuncture

News In Brief

By Editorial Staff

A "Modern" Business Model

Acupuncturists may have a new professional atmosphere to consider, as a new concept is on the horizon — at least for one business.

After studying and researching acupuncture, a group of entrepreneurs designed and launched a "modern" business model for this ancient healing medicine, which will focus on health, wellness, and prevention.

Technology also plays a role — new patients are to fill out their information on a tablet and then view a video that shares the benefits of acupuncture, as well as what to expect from their treatment. A great idea to dispel any negative thoughts clients may have about needles.

What do you think of this new business model, is this good for acupuncture? Send your thoughts to .


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