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Acupuncture Today – March, 2009, Vol. 10, Issue 03 >> Billing / Insurance / Records

Going Greener with a 10 Percent Solution

By Stanley Greenfield, RHU

No, this isn't an article on gardening, but it can help you get "greener." I believe in helping our environment by making all of our lives greener, but this green has to do with the "greenbacks" in your wallet. Conservation is a very hot topic these days, and I am here to help you preserve one of your natural resources - your financial future. It is a simple, sure-fire way to increase patient flow, increasing cash flow and, in the end, making you much happier and giving you more piece of mind. Still interested? Read on.

All it takes on your part is a little concentration and focus. What I want you to focus on is "10 percent." That's it. Make that your daily mantra. Write "10 percent" on a piece of paper and stick it in your pocket. Every time you reach into your pocket, you will feel that piece of paper and be reminded of the "10 percent solution." It might also be a good idea to tell your staff that the office goal is 10 percent.

The 10 percent to which I am referring is a 10 percent increase in patient visits. If you currently see 50 patients per week, you are looking for just five more patient visits per week. If you work five days per week, that is just one additional patient visit per day. See 100 patients per week? That is just 10 more per week, or two per working day.

What does this equate to? Let's assume that your average office visit is $60, so with 50 visits per week, that totals $3,000. With the 10 percent solution, that means an additional $300 per week. The 10 percent solution does not increase your overhead so it goes right to your bottom line as profit. Work 50 weeks per year, and we are talking about $15,000 of additional cash in your pocket "Before Uncle Sam." Even after taxes, it leaves a nice chunk of cash. Could you use an additional $15,000? Or should I should instead ask: Who couldn't use an additional $15,000?

All it takes is a little piece of paper and some concentration and focus on your part to make it happen. How long will it take? That depends on you and how fast you want to make it happen. If you put it out there, you will be amazed at how fast it will happen. Just 10 percent. That 10 percent can go a long way toward solving a lot of ills that may be plaguing you right now. The additional 10 percent sure can't hurt you.

Your only investment is a piece of paper and a little thought on the 10 percent solution. The rest will take care of itself. So what are you waiting for? Now go find a piece of paper. Be even greener by using a piece of recycled paper, and you also help the environment.

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