About the Columnist

Jennifer Waters started her professional work in health and wellness in 1991. She has studied Chinese medicine, nutritional food cures, yoga and meditation for 15 years. For her undergraduate degree from Friends World College at Long Island University in New York, she studied Chinese medicine in the U.S., and also traveled to China, Japan, Hong Kong, Tibet and East Africa. Jennifer received her acupuncture degree from the Oriental Medical Institute of Hawaii in Honolulu in 1998, and became president of an acupuncture practice in Syracuse, New York, later that year.

The motivation behind the "Talking with the Masters" column, according to Ms. Waters, is to raise awareness within the traditional Chinese medicine community by sharing information from practitioners who have reached a level of mastery, and with this awareness, to identify long-term goals that will ultimately benefit the establishment of TCM in America.

She may be contacted at either www.lifesourceacupuncture.com or www.happyuterus.com.

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