Stanley B. Greenfield has been involved in the fields of financial management and insurance for more than 35 years. Mr. Greenfield is a registered financial consultant and was one of the first to be designated as a registered professional disability and health insurance underwriter (RHU) in 1979.

Mr. Greenfield has a client base that is international in scope. He has authored hundreds of articles concerning tax, financial and practice management, and has spoken throughout the world on these subjects to business and professional associations. Mr. Greenfield has served as the financial editor for Dynamic Chiropractic since 1988 and is a regular contributor to numerous other professional and financial-planning journals.

Mr. Greenfield is currently an adjunct professor at New York Chiropractic College and lectures regularly at Palmer College in Davenport. He also serves as a training consultant for the World Learning Organization, which brings in professionals from around the world to train with experts in the U.S., and is president of "Greenfield's Financial Power Program." Mr. Greenfield offers financial and practice management to the chiropractic community.

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