Elizabeth Sommers PhD, MPH, LAc coordinates HIV-related acupuncture services at Boston Medical Center. She chairs the Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section of the American Public Health Association and is a regular contributor to Global Advances in Health and Medicine and Meridians: The Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her book "Acupuncture as an Adjuvant in the Treatment of HIV/AIDS" was published by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Kristen Porter, PhD, MS, MAc, LAc is a social entreprenuer, gerontologist, and acupuncturist. She founded Zen Executive, LLC, to provide marketing support to holistic practitioners. Her gerontological research includes the study of CAM and aging, HIV/AIDS, and minority aging. Her two decades in integrated health included 16 years as a director at Pathways to Wellness, the creation of 15 hospital-based acupuncture programs, and NCCAM funded research on acupuncture, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

Previous Articles

Climate Change: An Asian Medicine Perspective
November, 2017 (Vol. 18, Issue 11)
An Interview With A Thought Leader in Public Health: Ayurvedic Medicine & TCM
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Acupuncture for Addiction Detoxification
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November, 2016 (Vol. 17, Issue 11)
International Congress on Integrative Medicine
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November, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 11)
Preaching to the Choir: How to Extend Our Reach Beyond the CAM Community
September, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 09)
Synergy Doesn't Happen in Silos: Acupuncture in Hospitals and Other Healthcare Settings
April, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 04)
The Tao of Gender
November, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 11)
Spotlight on Acupuncture Research at IRCIMH
August, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 08)
Wellness: A New Buzzword at the Aging in America Conference
July, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 07)
Successful Strategies in Integrating Acupuncture and Shiatsu in a Hospital Oncology Program
April, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 04)
Think Global, Act Local: CAM's Role In Public Health
February, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 02)
Acupuncture Research in the 21st Century: Innovative, Trans Disciplinary and Focused on Public Health
October, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 10)
Healing the Qi: The Boston Marathon Bombing
Acupuncturists Respond to The Aftermath
July, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 07)
Economics of Complementary/Integrative Care
June, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 06)
Open Your Doors to the LGBT Community
May, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 05)
Emphasis on Wellness at APHA Meeting
February, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 02)
International Symposium on Acupuncture and Meridian Studies: Conference Recap
December, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 12)
Evolving Directions for Acupuncture Research: Report from the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health
September, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 09)
IHPC Recap: Meeting of the Influential Minds
August, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 08)
Hospital-Based Pediatric Integrative Therapies
July, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 07)
OM School Puts Public Health in Action
May, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 05)
Public Health & Gerontology Groups Support CAM
March, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 03)
Global Visions: Acupuncture as an International Public Health Modality
January, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 01)
Public Health Initiatives Bring Acupuncture to Natural Disaster Survivors
November, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 11)
Caring For Elders With Acupuncture: Healing a Growing Population
September, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 09)
Globalization of Acupuncture: Interview with Visionary Paul Kadetz
May, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 05)
From the Field: Acupuncture and Public Health
January, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 01)
The CAM Legislative Scorecard
November, 2009 (Vol. 10, Issue 11)
We’ve Got Answers, Part 2
September, 2009 (Vol. 10, Issue 09)
Just About To Graduate? We've Got Answers!
July, 2009 (Vol. 10, Issue 07)
Promoting the Nation's Health
May, 2009 (Vol. 10, Issue 05)
Reports From the Field: Kang Wen Acupuncture Clinic in Seattle
November, 2007 (Vol. 08, Issue 11)
Expanding the Paradigm of Acupuncture Research
November, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 11)
The Dance of Yin and Yang: Transgender Health, Part Two
August, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 08)
The Dance of Yin and Yang: Transgender Health, Part One
May, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 05)
Acupuncture in the Global Village
March, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 03)
It's Time for Accidental Needle-Sticks to Come Out of the Closet
January, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 01)
Report from the 14th Annual International AIDS Conference
November, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 11)
Suicide: A Public Health Issue
September, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 09)
Putting the "Public" Back in Public Health
July, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 07)

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