One of the leading proponents of facial renewal techniques in the world today, Ms. Wakefield was recently named 2005 Educator of the Year by the American Association of Oriental Medicine at their Annual Conference and Exposition for her contributions to the field of Oriental medicine as a teacher, creator of innovative treatment protocols, writer for acupuncture periodicals, and advocate of acupuncture in the national media. Ms. Wakefield has recently been named to the faculty of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College (AIMC) in Berkeley, CA, in connection with her supervision of a mentorship program for facial acupuncturists.

Mary Elizabeth contributes an ongoing column on facial acupuncture and related topics to Acupuncture Today magazine, and has written articles for California Journal of Oriental Medicine and Oriental Medicine Journal. Her practice and treatment protocols have been featured in a number of prominent periodicals - Oriental Medicine Journal, Qi Magazine, Alternative Medicine - as well as in the national media, including an appearance on the Discovery Channel, in which she demonstrated her Diamond Acupuncture Facial™ which debuted at the 2005 Academy Awards.

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