Lisa Rohleder, LAc, is one of the cofounders of Working Class Acupuncture and of the Community Acupuncture Network. She is also the author of The Remedy: Integrating Acupuncture into American Healthcare. Readers who are interested in social entrepreneurship and community acupuncture can get more information from her book and by visiting the Community Acupuncture Network at

Previous Articles

Widening the Door: Privilege and Access
January, 2007 (Vol. 08, Issue 01)
Vision and Decision
November, 2006 (Vol. 07, Issue 11)
The Art of the Sliding Scale, Part 3: Building Community Self-Esteem
September, 2006 (Vol. 07, Issue 09)
The Art of the Sliding Scale, Part Two: Establishing Cash Flow
July, 2006 (Vol. 07, Issue 07)
The Art of the Sliding Scale, Part One: Creating Inclusion
May, 2006 (Vol. 07, Issue 05)
Acupuncture and Social Entrepreneurship
March, 2006 (Vol. 07, Issue 03)

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