Acupuncture Techniques

Micro-Needle Dermal Roller Use in the Treatment Room
By Michelle Gellis, LAc, MAc, DiplAc
The Power of Mu Xiang to Treat Irritable Bowel Disease
By Drew Nystrom, LAc
Five Element Acupuncture Can Enhance Your Practice
By Abbye Silverstein, LAc
Introduce Your Patients to Collagen Induction Therapy
By Shellie Goldstein, MS, LAc (NY), PA (FL)
The Wonders of Light Therapy: An Interview with Wes Burwell
By Jennifer Waters, LAc, Dipl. Ac
Pulse Diagnosis: What We Know
By Martha Lucas, PhD, LAc
History of Animal Acupuncture: Part II
By Gene Bruno, OMD, LAc, FABAA
Halt Allergies With Moxibustion Therapy
An Effective Method To Offer Relief To Your Patients
By Linying Tan, PhD, LAc and Marty Calliham, LAc, MSOM
Using Facial and Scalp Acupuncture To Treat Neuromuscular Facial Conditions
By Michelle Gellis, LAc, MAc, DiplAc
Common Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint
By Barry M. Mark, LAc

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