Herbal Medicine

Urinary Tract Infections and the Heart
By Kaleb Montgomery, DTCM
Ayurvedic Supplements and Toxicity
By G. Douglas Andersen, DC, DACBSP, CCN
Herbal Safety Database: Protecting the Practice of Herbal Medicine in the U.S.
Implementation of a Risk-Management System
By Michael Taromina and Bill Bookout
Thinking Outside the Moxa Box
By Matthew J. Robinson, MAc
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and Chinese Medicine
By Bob Flaws, LAc, FNAAOM (USA), FRCHM (UK)
From Happy Pills to Getting Higher
By Kaleb Montgomery, DTCM
Effective Formula Combinations: Part 3
By Craig Williams, LAc, AHG
Discovering the Herb Du Zhong Cha
By Brenton Harvey, LAc, CH and Hong Ji
Treatment to Regulate Menstruation and Promote Fertility, Part 2
By John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc
When East Becomes West
What are the consequences of TCM partnering with Western pharmaceutical companies?
By Tina Beychok, Associate Editor

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