Herbal Medicine

Treatment to Regulate Menstruation and Promote Fertility, Part 1
By John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc
Effective Formula Combinations, Part 2
By Craig Williams, LAc, AHG
Treating Metabolic Syndrome
By Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc
Cure the Chinese New Year’s Indulgence With Restorative Tea
By Brenton Harvey, LAc, CH and Hong Ji
TCM Dampness and Food Therapy
By Edward F. Block IV, PhD
Treating Macular Degeneration With Chinese Medicine
By Andy Rosenfarb, LAc, MTOM
Treatment of Chemotherapy- and Radiation-Induced Toxicities, Part 2
By John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc
Candidiasis Treatment With Traditional Chinese Medicine
By L. Francesca Ferrari, LAc, DMQ, DTCM
Chinese Herbs Effective for Osteoarthritis
By Editorial Staff
Effective Formula Combinations: Part I
By Craig Williams, LAc, AHG

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