Auricular Acupuncture Effective in Treating Anxiety
Technique Could Reduce Pain and Stress in Postsurgical Patients
By Editorial Staff
Qigong for the Heart
U. of Arizona Receives Federal Grant to Investigate Ancient Therapy
By Michael Devitt
Acupuncture for Vulvar Vestibulitis
Treatment Improves Quality of Life in Female Patients
By Michael Devitt
Key to a Balanced Practice: Qigong
By Kabba Anand, DAc, LAc, Dipl. Ac., Dipl. CH
Acupuncture "Clinically Useful" for Morning Sickness
By Michael Devitt
Tai Chi for the Elderly
Studies Show Exercise Relieves Pain, Improves Mobility in Seniors
By Michael Devitt
Alzheimer's Disease and Acupuncture
Treatment Appears to Improve Mood and Cognitive Functions
By Editorial Staff
Tai Chi for Strength and Endurance
Study Finds Increased Muscle Gains in Elderly Subjects
By Editorial Staff
Acupuncture for Dry Mouth
Treatment Appears to Provide "Significant Improvements" in Salivary Flow
By Michael Devitt
Acupressure "Significantly Influences" the Cardiovascular System
Therapy Creates Changes in Heart Rate, Blood Flow and Arterial Pressure

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