Your Practice

Are You Ready for the Wellness Revolution?
By Steven Ross, DC, DAAPM and James Padilla, DC
Customer Service for Acupuncturists
By Julie Crist, MAc
Billing for Office Visits, Needles and Other Services
By Samuel A. Collins
Plotting Your Course
By Denise Cicuto, LAc
Why Acupuncturists Resist Marketing
By Kevin Doherty, LAc, MS
Acupuncture in the Global Village
By Kristen E. Porter, PhD, MS, MAc, LAc and Elizabeth Sommers, PhD, MPH, LAc
When Your Pain is Bigger Than Theirs
By Felice Dunas, PhD
A Powerful Marketing Strategy to Build Your Practice
By Kevin Doherty, LAc, MS
Self Care for Acupuncturists
By Denise Cicuto, LAc
AOM Riding a Cultural Wave
By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large

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