General Acupuncture

Creating Awareness for the Transgender Community
By Pamela Ellen Ferguson, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA and GSD-CI, LMT (TX)
The "Red Flag" & Your Claims: Billing for Multiple Services
By Samuel A. Collins
A Common Patient Question: How Does Acupuncture Work?
By Dimitri Boules, LAc, LMT
A Novel Treatment for Aggressive Energy
By Brandon LaGreca, CAc, MAcOM
Tight Hips, Tight Back: Essential Exam Flow
By Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB
The Spirits of the Points: The Pericardium Meridian
By Neil Gumenick, MAc (UK), LAc, Dipl. Ac
The Workplace Wellness Wave: A Way to Drive Practice Profit
By Daniel Ruscigno
The Luo Vessels (Part 3)
By Nicholas Sieben, LAc
Reading Between the Lines
Deciphering the Patient's Story
By Douglas R. Briggs, DC, Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), DAAPM, EMT
Interns & Ambassadors for Care: Acupuncture at a Short-Term Rehabilitation Center
By Megan Haungs, MS, LAc

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