Your Practice

Acupuncture Falls Victim to California Budget Crisis
By Tina Beychok, Associate Editor
The Three Crucial Ingredients That Guarantee Your Practice Success
By Kevin Doherty, LAc, MS
The Voice of Risk Management
By Gregory Ross, LAc
Remembering the Essential Truth of Who We Are, Part 2
By Peter Fairfield, LAc
The Biggest Marketing Mistake Most Acupunctur-ists Make
By Kevin Doherty, LAc, MS and Dominic Sembello, LAc
I Want to Be an MD
By Stuart S. Shipe, RPh, DOM, Dipl. Ac & CH (NCCAOM)
Getting to Know Your Patients
By Richard Browne, LMT, Acup. Phys., OMD (Sri Lanka), Homeo. Phys.
Do's and Don'ts in the Treatment Room, Part 1
By Alexis Rotella, LAc, MAc, CNC
New Codes for the New Year
By Samuel A. Collins
Final CA Budget Could Cut AOM Coverage
Benefits might be restored by federal funds.
By Editorial Staff

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