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Acupuncture Today Archives - February, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 02)

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AAMA Exec Testifies before White House CAM Commission
Full Testimony Available Online
  By Editorial Staff
How You Can Make A Difference in an Election Year
  By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large
Acupuncture for Animals
Pet Owners Are Discovering New Use for Ancient Therapy
  By Editorial Staff
Acupuncturist Locator Makes Lots of Impressions
  By Editorial Staff
When Less Equals More
  By Matthew Bauer, LAc
Acupuncture Treatment of the Hamstrings
  By David Boyd
Can Chinese Herbs Help Clients with Depression? Part II
  By Andrew Gaeddert, BA, AHG
  By Stanley Greenfield, RHU
Allergy Treatment
  By Heidi Hawkins, MAc, LAc
Vacuous Spleens and Swampy Livers: Burnout in the Acupuncture Profession
  By Katherine Kahn
Tensional Headaches
  By Alejandro Katz, MD, OMD, LAc, QME
What Do You Know About Domestic Violence?
  By Christine Laing
Confidentiality: What Is HIPAA? Part One
  By Fred Lerner, DC, PhD, FACO
How to Say It, Part III: Word of Mouth Marketing -- Communication during the History and Exam
  By Kevin McNamee
Needle Manipulation May Hold the Key to Acupuncture's Effects
  By Michael Devitt
News in Brief
  By Editorial Staff
Acupuncture Poll
  By Editorial Staff
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