Acupuncture Today News Update: January 14, 2019

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Quantum Physics & the Ancient Roots of Acupuncture

Turn Back the Clock With Nutrition
Digital Exclusive
By Todd Singleton, DC
Simple advice to share with your patients who are concerned with youth and vitality ... these nutrients will get them on the right track.
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Using Tuina in the Acupuncture Clinic
By Daniel P. Cashman, EAMP
A guide to help you utilize Tuina in your day-to-day practices. Also, a good option for "no-needle" patients, or children.
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Calming the Disturbed Meridians: A Way to Treat "Phantom" Pain
Pamela E. Ferguson, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA, GSD-CI, LMT
Although Western doctors may dismiss "phantom" pain, Chinese medicine understands the nature of it, and therefore knows how to treat it.
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Updates to ICD10, Specifically for Muscle Pain
Digital Exclusive
By Samuel A. Collins
Acupuncture Today's billing expert answers a question about updates to ICD10, as a code was rejected and labeled invalid.
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Acupuncture in an Integrated Health Care System
By Eva Levy Englander, LAc, MSOM
Kaiser Permanente's integrated health care system includes acupuncture - a practitioner shares what this model looks like, and why it could be the new norm.
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Differentiating Qi Under the Needle
By Wei Liu, DAOM, LAc, Wei (Vivian) Zhang, LAc and Ruth Tongen, BSN, RN, LAc
What dry needling can't offer ... a look at the Chinese medicine difference.
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The NCCIH is Seeking Acupuncture Researchers
By Editorial Staff
Here's your chance to participate in a major study ... learn about the NCCIH's randomized control trial (RCT) for chronic low back pain.
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Four Needle Technique & The Husband/Wife Imbalance
By Neil Gumenick, MAc (UK), LAc, Dipl. Ac
If the first two protocols (in Gumenick's last article) didn't work for clearing that stubborn block - here's your next step - Four Needle Technique.
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Diverting the Crisis Stages of Life
By Nicholas Sieben, LAc
Even though change is an inevitable part of life people often struggle through the process ... how the Xi Cleft points can help.
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Learn to Speak the Language of Personal Injury
Digital Exclusive
By S. Scott Tauber, DC, DABCO, CPC
It's a known fact that acupuncture relieves pain ... with that said, have you considered helping "personal injury" patients? A new year is right around the corner, it could be a game-changer.
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Delve Into the Extraordinary
By Thomas Richardson, LAc
Explore the process of continual unity by following ying qi as it flows through the primary channels, extraordinary vessels, and extraordinary organs.
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