You're Ready to Share Your Medicine With the World – But How Should You Say It?

By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large

Reach. Inspire. Inform. These three words resonated with me as I sat down to write. These words are a good match for acupuncturists. Reach out to your existing patients, their friends and family members, and potential patients using all of your social media platforms and other channels, online and otherwise. Inspire them: it's all about getting people to take action to improve their health; helping people to take one step at a time to move forward, not backward. Inform them about what your medicine can do to help them during the times we are experiencing and in the future.

Now is our time to reach, inspire and inform. But for many acupuncturists, while your passion and motivation may be top notch, you may not feel confident in your ability to say the right things to bring more patients to your door. Let's fix that today.

The Curse of Speed

communication - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Speed is the name of the game these days. Social media is the perfect example. Click, post, comment, repeat; sometimes, people barely know what they're reading or who wrote it before they react. We are building a culture of quick evaluations and even quicker decisions. That means the amount of time you have to reach, inspire and particularly inform isn't what it used to be.

It only takes about 30 seconds for a person to decide if you are credible and worth listening to any further. Sometimes, it's even less than that – around seven seconds. What can you say in only seven seconds to convince someone to believe in acupuncture; or at least be willing to give it a try? Enter the soundbite.

The Power of the Soundbite

Wondering what a soundbite is? It's a short extract from a recorded interview chosen for its meaning and value.

It used to be that you would be able to talk for period of time or even have a long conversation; now it has to be short and sweet. Taking all of this into consideration and the fact that satisfied patients don't necessarily refer (they just leave satisfied), we must have short soundbites to give them for education. When a patient has knowledge, they are empowered; this gives them the developmental stage of enthusiasm that they can share with others.

Probably the best known and most often used soundbite is "Acupuncture works." This is one of the primary reasons why so many other medical providers want to use your medicine.

It is true; acupuncture does work. But it's certainly not the only point you want to make to patients and potential patients to leave a lasting impact. Here are some of the other soundbites (some are more specific than others) you might want to use in your practice or if you meet someone in your community:

  • Support your immune system! Try acupuncture
  • Stay on the move with acupuncture
  • Stay you, stay amazing using acupuncture
  • Fall asleep faster with acupuncture
  • Aging is inevitable, but feeling older isn't. Try acupuncture
  • Help for hot flashes with acupuncture
  • Need more energy? Try acupuncture
  • Digestion support with acupuncture treatments
  • Support your wellness with acupuncture
  • Help nourish your immune health with acupuncture
  • Fall allergy season is here; acupuncture can help
  • Elevate your life to new heights with acupuncture
  • Acupuncture can transform the way you live

The above is only a short list of examples; you can certainly use some or all of them, but feel free to come up with your own based on the messages you want to convey and the specific health benefits you promote in your practice.

Our Glorious Opportunity

As an acupuncturist, you have answers to your patients' health symptoms. But restoring patient's health is just part of your job. You have a glorious opportunity to inspire them, share your message so they can share it with others, and grow our profession - all in as little as three words: Reach. Inspire. Inform. Let's help our communities turn:

  • Fear into love
  • Lack into abundance
  • Worry into freedom
  • Distress into trust and happiness
  • Judgment into compassion and acceptance

Think you can't accomplish any of that with your medicine and a few well-crafted soundbites? You'll be surprised. An attitude of gratitude can make the difference between ordeal and adventure. Start each patient on their glorious adventure toward lifelong health, healing and happiness.

Let's reach out to connect and comment, contact and communicate, call and convey. Let's spread the message of physical, emotional and spiritual healing with acupuncture – one soundbite and one patient at a time.

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