American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

ACTCM Mission: Provide an exemplary professional education and quality patient care in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and related health care fields.

ACTCM Vision: Become an international center of educational excellence that advances professional collaboration and sustainability in Chinese medicine and health care.

ACTCM Core Values: Embrace the philosophy and spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine and seek to embody the following values in every endeavor:


Founded in 1980 in San Francisco, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the College) is one of the oldest, most prestigious Chinese medicine schools in the United States. Distinguished faculty and a rigorous curriculum have established ACTCM as a truly exceptional college that brings in students from all over the world.

ACTCM joined California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) as its fourth school in 2015. The merger has expanded resources and opportunities for acupuncture and mental health education, and research. ACTCM at CIIS is proud to be the first institution to be approved by both the national programmatic accreditor (ACAOM) and the regional accreditor (WASCUC) to offer a first professional doctorate.

Recognized as "Best of the Bay," the ACTCM Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic, and off-site clinics serve as training grounds for students while providing affordable health care services to the community. The College has also been honored for its strong leadership role in promoting sustainable health care, particularly through protecting endangered species in collaboration with: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Andes Amazon Fund (AAF), U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and Save the Tiger Fund.

Programs Offered

ACTCM offers master's and doctoral degrees in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as public programs and continuing education courses through CIIS.


Our curriculum offers students one of the most comprehensive educational experiences in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ACTCM course work emphasizes hands-on clinical training in conjunction with the study of theoretical material, allowing students to gain a strong foundation and knowledge base in preparation for a career in Chinese medicine. View our CIIS/ACTCM catalog for comprehensive information about our degree programs.

ACTCM Curriculum

Level I

Study the main theories of TCM, the medicinal uses of Chinese herbs, acupuncture points and needling techniques, and diagnostic skills. Observe patient-practitioner interactions in our clinic, learn patient intake and treatment principles, and complete your general science requirements, as well as introductory courses in biomedicine, Qigong and Tai Ji Quan.

Level II

Deepen your knowledge of advanced acupuncture technique, prepare herbal formulas, and begin to study Western clinical medicine and TCM internal medicine. Work under faculty supervision in our clinic to assess patients' health, develop diagnoses, recommend Chinese herbs, and apply TCM therapies including Tui Na and Shiatsu massage.

Level III

Focus on specialized coursework, learn how to manage a TCM practice and collaborate with Western medical practitioners, and develop fluency in research methodologies. Gain clinical autonomy in creating treatment plans and treating patients, and pursue your own interests on clinical rotations at our many internship sites. Prepare for your licensing and certification exams, develop your area of specialty, and build the professional relationships that will help you launch your practice.

MSTCM Program
The Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM) is a comprehensive acupuncture program designed to lead students to the level of knowledge and clinical proficiency necessary to become a successful independent health care provider—whether as an individual practitioner or as part of an integrative medicine team.

DACM Program
ACTCM's first professional doctorate is an exciting dual-degree program for people who wish to enter the acupuncture and Chinese medicine field at the doctoral level and do not have prior training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Successful graduates earn MSTCM and DACM degrees simultaneously, in the same amount of time required for our master's program alone.

The Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) dual-degree program incorporates ACTCM's master's curriculum of Chinese medicine, acupuncture therapeutics, herbal medicine, biomedicine, and clinical training with an additional focus on integrative and collaborative healthcare, research literacy, and evidence-informed practices.

DACM Completion Program
The Doctor in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Completion Program (DACMCP) allows graduates of master's degree programs in Chinese or oriental medicine to obtain their doctoral degree from home. The 100% online program can be completed in two semesters. The completion program consists of course work in doctoral-level research and collaborative communications with the addition of advanced Chinese medicine-specific content.

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