Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Mission Statement

The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CSTCM) was founded in late 1989 with having a high educational standard as the primary focus of the school. It created a program with the emphasis on one style of Oriental Medicine (TCM), with an introduction to various other styles included. The school's program teaches a medicine but also strives to help students understand a culture where the medicine originated from. It is CSTCM's belief that all traditional medicines are cultural (i.e. Western medicine came from and is a picture of culture in the West, just as Chinese medicine came from and is a picture of culture in China). But, Chinese medicine must also be studied, learned, and practiced in a way that it can be adapted into the Western culture and blended with western approaches to medical care and both be acknowledged for their values. The school tries very hard to deliver the very best TCM educational program in the U.S. for the lowest tuition possible.

CSTCM has used extremely high standards in creating the curriculum and even more so in assembling a faculty that represents both Chinese and Western instructors. These two different types of practitioners can look at, understand, and teach Chinese medicine very differently. These slightly different points of view can expand a student's knowledge and creativity when learning and practicing Chinese medicine, especially with the emphasis on treating the whole person as an energetic system who is actually part of another larger energetic system (human relationship to nature). The CSTCM faculty is energetic but calm, commendable but humble, and assertive but compassionate. The faculty encourages students to follow the Taoist principles of harmony and balance, these being the foundation of our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

CSTCM's mission is the basis for designing a program whose graduates are:


The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in late 1989. The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine gave the school candidate status in May 2000. It was accredited in May 2002 and October 2005.

Programs Offered

CSTCM offers two graduate level educational programs with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and related modalities), tui na (physiotherapy / therapeutic massage), Chinese nutrition, and energetic exercise / meditation) with a grounding in Western medicine, all as it is currently taught in mainland China. Our M.S.TCM Program further integrates a comprehensive understanding of internal (Chinese herbal) medicine.

CSTCM utilizes 15 week trimesters, offering 3 trimesters per year. Students have 7 weeks off per year. Our programs can be designed for working adults to learn TCM in a supportive environment at their own pace. We are dedicated to students actually learning the medicine, not just graduating.

Our programs allow accelerated students to earn our M.S.Ac. degree in 28 months or our M.S.TCM degree in 3 years (ACAOM minimum completion time), taking at roughly 21 classroom hours per week. Classes are offered during days, nights, and on Saturdays. CSTCM accepts new students three times per year. This allows students to take a trimester off at any time without creating problems in the sequencing of the program.

Contact Information

For more information on the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, contact:

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
1441 York Street, Suite 202
Denver, CO 80206-2127
Tel: (303) 329-6355
Fax: (303) 388-8165

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