Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine
Mission Statement

The mission of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine is to educate students to take their place as doctors of the highest caliber; who are fluent in the healing practices of both the East and the West; who understand the daoist principle of living a life in consonance and accord; and who manifest these principles in their professional and personal lives. Jung Tao School seeks to equilibrate the systems, bringing Western medicine and Chinese medicine into a unified understanding of biology and physics and thereby complete the science of health care. Succinctly stated:

It is the mission of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine to educate students in the art and practice of classical Chinese Medicine, to prepare them for professional practice as skilled acupuncture and health care providers. It is also our aim to instill in students an understanding of the essence of Daoist principles and encourage the manifestation of those principles in their professional and personal lives. Furthermore, it is our vision to provide access to unique translations of classically based resources.


The Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine began as the Jung Tao School of Chinese Studies, and was founded in Minnesota in 1976. Based on changes in licensing laws, the school relocated, and established itself in North Carolina in November 1997, with the first series of classes held the following year. Jung Tao's program is currently a candidate for accreditation with the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. It was granted candidate status in 2001, and formally accredited by ACAOM in 2005.

Programs Offered

The Jung Tao School offers a four-year Graduate level diploma in acupuncture program. The goal of this program is to train students to be highly educated and compassionate health care practitioners. Graduates of Jung Tao are firmly grounded in the classics of Chinese medicine, providing a strong foundation upon which they may build their career as a healer. In addition, graduates are well-versed in Western medicine, so as to include the "other half" of the picture presented by their patients, as well as having the ability to confidently and accurately communicate with health professionals from all fields of medicine. This integrated approach to medicine is the most effective for diagnosing and treating the patient as a whole.

Didactic classes are held five full consecutive days per month, Wednesday - Sunday. These five day sessions occur ten months per year for the first three years, with breaks occurring in January and July. In addition to this five day per month didactic schedule, each student must complete one 90 and two 45 hour clinical observation rotations. Clinical internship is performed in the fourth year, with students working in the clinic for five consecutive days per month for the entire 12 months of the final year. All internship training is conducted in the school's on-site intern clinic.

Contact Information

For more information on the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine, contact:

Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine
207 Dale Adams Road
Sugar Grove, NC 28679
Tel: (828) 297-4181
Fax; (828) 297-4171
E-mail: school@jungtao.edu
Web site: www.jungtao.edu

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