National University of Natural Medicine
Mission Statement

The National University of Natural Medicine (NCNM) is one of the most respected colleges in the field of natural medicine in the world. Established in 1956 and located in downtown Portland, Oregon, NCNM offers two graduate degrees. NCNM faculty includes some of the nation's most respected authors and spokespersons in the fields of naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine.


The National University of Natural Medicine is the oldest naturopathic school in the nation. Its Oriental medicine program began much more recently. The program attained candidate status from the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in November 1997; the program was accredited in May 2000 and reaccredited in May 2004.

Programs Offered

In additon to its naturopathic degree program, NCNM offers a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, a four-year program that delves deeply into thousands of years of classical Chinese methods of diagnostics and healing, using herbs, acupuncture, bodywork and therapeutic exercise. The school also has information on continuing education including classes and workshops from qigong and taiji to research seminars.

The mission of the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree program is to educate students to become health care professionals in the practice of Oriental medicine as illustrated by the classics. Above all, the program is intended to impart to its students the holistic spirit of Oriental medicine. Specifically, through the M.S.O.M. coursework, the program seeks to accomplish the following:

Contact Information

For more information on the National University of Natural Medicine, contact:

National University of Natural Medicine
049 Southwest Porter Street
Portland, OR 97201
Tel: (503) 552-1555
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