Enhance your Practice: Simple Ways to Build Integrative Relationships

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Moderator: Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor of Acupuncture Today

Presenter: Amy Sear, AP, Dipl OM

Integrative relationships, and there are many types, offer so much to a practice: referrals, collaboration, learning, support, and validation. They also offer a great way to help advance the entire profession. There are many ways to take advantage of what integration has to offer -- you do not need a full blown, employee based integrative job or position to benefit – or take your practice to the next step. No matter the size or type of practice you are in, the tips and tools in this webinar can be of benefit.

This webinar will cover:

  • The big picture of "integration"
  • How the rest of the medical world runs and thrives
  • Innovative ways to establish and maintain these relationships
  • Relationships means referrals, and solid ones
  • Simple and practical tools, tips, guidance

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