Winning the Referral Game: The Easy Way to 3-5 New Patients/wk from Dr. Referrals

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Moderator: Peter Crownfield, Executive of Acupuncture Today

Presenter: Chen Yen, 6 & 7-Figure Practice Makeover Mentor

Have you thought about getting referrals from Drs?

Getting 'in' with even one Dr can bring in 3-5 new patients/week. MDs have thousands of patients in their practices. Many MDs are willing to refer, if they knew about you & trusted you. But most acupuncturists aren't getting referrals because they don't know how. You just need to know how to get 'in' with them.

What you will learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes many acupuncturists make when trying to get 'in' with MDs
  • How to get past the gatekeepers and 'in'
  • One simple thing that can multiply the # of MD referrals you get
  • How to get 3-5 patient referrals/wk consistently from MDs and other providers

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